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FOR THE HOME: sweet dreams

When we decided to move into our new apartment 2 years ago, we also replaced most of our “student living” furniture (aka IKEA) and made a few investments, including our current bed. Admittedly, it did take a bit of persuasion on Mike’s part, because I simply didn’t get why anyone would spend the price of a Chanel jumbo flap (umm, dream bag …) on a bed and good matresses. In the end, though, I came to understand that resting our body is essential to everything else we do. So the bed it was! Fast forward 2 years and I couldn’t ever imagine not having our dreamy bed … while I used to love hotel beds, I now can’t wait to be back home to sleep in our little slice of heaven! For the finishing touch to our oasis we’re currently sleeping on the most luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linen ever by Evencki. A while ago I was gifted a set of their satin bedding in beautiful aqua blue and it is literally amazing. Even the box it came in was super nice and there was a lavender pillow inside! Evencki was founded in 2011 with a simple goal: to make bed linen beautiful again. You can even have custom measurements made! It is their passion to create elegant sheets that bring the bedroom to life. With our light blue airy blankets and pillows it most definitely feels like a bed of clouds!

Evencki Bettwäsche Berlin - aqua blau

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good design makes us happy!

Just 2 days ago, I found out that there is such a thing as international “happy day” (March 20th). As a person who generally thinks that life is much more worth while when you’re happy, I will obviously make it a celebration from now on! But really, what makes us happy? Being healthy and having amazing family and friends is an obvious reason, money helps to take away some worries, but for me, it is also the things I surround myself with. I love fashion and I love interior design. As superficial as it sounds, but a pretty bag or amazing new rug definitely make me happy. Recently, I came across an interview with the designer duo Talbot Runhof for a study done by HTC about how objects with good design have been proven to lessen negative feelings like anger and resentment and enhance creativity. Personally, I can definitely relate to the study. For example, a dining table chair needs to be comfortable and sterdy – but if it also looks good at the same time (like our Philippe Starck ghost chairs) it makes me happy and I love creating my little pop-up office around the table.

good design makes us happy - HTC & Talbot Runhof

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FOR THE HOME: candelabox

It’s no secret that I am a huge candle lover (remember this post?) and I always have some around. Whether it is the coffee table, nightstand or in the entry way. Candles smell amazing and are pretty eye-catchers as decorative objects. When I heard about candelabox, a candle subscription, my heart basically stopped! You can subscribe for up to 3 months for a surprise candle every month – perfect, right? My first one already arrived, and I can’t wait for #2 and 3. The candle I received was a Gilles Dewavrin in  a matted metal khaki glass with the scent “the noir”. The actual price is 37€, so the subscription came a lot cheaper at approx. 27€ per month. I think it is a perfect concept to try new brands without spending the whole price – and if you don’t like the scent you have a perfect gift for the next mother’s day or birthday. I wasn’t going to blog about it until all 3 months are over, but after the photo on Instagram many of you asked for a more detailed blogpost, so here are some impressions from my first candelabox:

Candelabox - Candle Subscription

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NEW IN: bits of happiness

I feel that any time you come home after a long trip, you appreciate your surroundings a bit more than before you left. Personally, I love the feeling of the first breakfast back home, visiting your favorite flower shop again, grabbing coffee on a lazy Sunday and watching the sun set over a beautiful skyline, that we get to call home. Since we left early on the 26th of December, I didn’t really have any time to enjoy my wonderful presents right after Christmas – so when we came home this weekend I finally had time to really take everything in, get things situated in our apartment and enjoy my own personal bits of happiness. Some of you may remember THIS post from a few months back – well my dear friend Anna was super attentive and surprised me with the Tom Dixon candle for Christmas. I literally could not believe my eyes and am so thankful for friends that pay attention to the little things and know me so well. Also, “it” by Alexa Chung was on my Christmas wishlist this year and got to join my other coffee table books as a present from my grandma. I have yet to acutally read it, but from flipping through it it looks pretty good. Lastly, treat collection (a new nail polish brand from Berlin) spoiled me with 5 of their colors to kick off the new year. I love, love, LOVE “popsicle“, “drama queen” and “good thing” – now I just need to decide which one to try first! Hope you all had a great start to a fresh, new week & happy Monday!

Tom Dixon Candle "London"

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