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CRAVINGS: home accessories

CRAVINGS: home accessories | Bikinis & Passports

You know those things that nobody actually needs, but everyone wants? The little things that add a special touch to your outfit – or in today’s case, your apartment! Interior design and decor definitely fall into that category for me and make me happy. I love fresh flowers on the dining table, scented candles spread out around the living room (I know, basic bi**h alert) and framed prints placed on the stairs next to stacks of magazines. I feel that creating a home you love, no matter how small or big, …

Home Accessories to Love

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back to school – desk accessories

back to school - desk accessories by Kate Spade | Bikinis & Passports

Slowly but surely, it feels like Summer is coming to an end. With September just around the corner, our agendas are filling up quickly and judging by my overflowing inbox, people are returning from their vacations. Currently, Kathi and I are also getting our office ready for an exciting last quarter of the year and are doing a bit of re-decorating. While we love our big, dining-style table (which we use as a shared desk), we have decided that it was time for us to each have our own desk….

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FOR THE HOME: a (white) kitchen affair

HOME: a white kitchen affair | Bikinis & Passports

For the past 3 years, I’ve never really shared any images of our kitchen with you. Sure, I’ve posted bits and pieces on Instagram, but never the whole thing. It is certainly not because I wanted to keep it a secret, but rather because it was never 100% presentable. I adore our apartment for the big living/dining room with an open kitchen, but at the same time, the space is also very tempting when it comes to clutter. …

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FOR THE HOME: souvenirs from the souk

Souvenirs from the souk in Marrakech | Bikinis & Passports

If you ever happen to be in Marrakech, you have to visit the souks. But make sure not to get lost in the endless dark alleyways and learn to bargain. Personally, I am not the best at bargaining, but my aim was to go home with pieces that would remind me of the amazing time in Morocco for a price that felt right. I exchanged 50€, which is about 500 Dirham before heading to the souks….

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