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5 tips to keep your cut flowers fresh

One of my favorite guilty pleasures are fresh flowers. Every week! It may be a waste of money to some people (including my boyfriend), but to me, it is pure happiness. Nothing beats waking up to a living room with a touch of color, or the excitement when peony season comes around. Call me stupid, but it is the little things that make me happy. Over the years, I have tried various things to make my favorite blooms stay around longer. Which is why I wanted to share my personal 5 tips to keep your cut flowers fresh longer for today’s post to kick-off a super rainy week here in Vienna.

5 tips to keep your fresh flowers longer | Bikinis & Passports

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where I work

While it is more than obvious to me, what I do on a daily basis, I’ve recently come to realize that some of you may have no idea. I have been getting lots of questions about my job and what I do all day long, so I thought I would explain. I used to work as junior manager social media for a big German fashion retailer for over 2.5 years. The company then decided to move their location from Vienna to Düsseldorf (Germany) this past July, which is when I decided to give my baby (aka Bikinis & Passports) and The Daily Dose the chance they have always deserved. 100% of my time dedicated to blogging and building a little company of my own, together with Kathi, my partner in crime. We both went full-time with the self employment in July and it has been the best decision of our lives! Thanks to you guys, I can officially call my blog my job, and together we have also created an agency for social media, called TDD Social. We help companies with their social presence, we take care of Facebook and Instagram accounts and we consult with blogger relations and give input when needed. Of course this is work that you guys don’t necessarily get to see here on the blog, but it is what pays my bills and has allowed us to move into our pretty little #tddoffice. Even though we’ve already shared some impressions of our work space over on The Daily Dose, I still wanted to give you guys some insight to where I spend most of my time. Welcome to our office:

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FOR THE HOME: time for an update

It’s nice to see your home come together over the years, and I truly love our little abode, but when you love decorating as much as I do, you also miss those first few weeks and months in a new place, where there was still so much to do. No more major changes to be made or furniture to be bought nowadays… That is, until we decided to upgrade our rug (I basically jumped of joy when Mike agreed to the plan). Don’t get me wrong, I loved that blue patterned beauty up until the last second, but over the past 2 years it had to endure a lot of sunlight and the color started to fade. Plus, I was ready for something a little more elegant. I must have forgotten how difficult it is to find nice rugs in Europe since my last purchase, because again, I found myself frustrated after a while. Luckily, however, I finally came across onloom.at a few weeks back and spotted this stunner by Michalsky Living within a few minutes! Literally: rug of my dreams and absolutely perfect for our living room! It is hard to put into words (or pictures for that matter) how amazingly soft it is, but let me just tell you that everyone who has ever touched it doesn’t want to leave our place anymore.

onloom.at Teppiche - Bikinis & Passports

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FOR THE HOME: tales for oskar

I have a major weakness for pretty coffee table books. And while I do want them to look good around the apartment, I also want them to actually inspire me. Whether it is home decor, beautiful stories or photographs – books should be an escape from reality. My most recent purchase is “Tales For Oskar” by the super talented Kristian Schuller. He is my personal favorite photographer (some of you may know him from Germany’s Next Top Model) and I feel like his fashion photography captures the essence of a modern day fairy tale. A few years ago I saw some of his work at the Kunsthalle here in Vienna, and from the entire exhibition his photographs definitely stuck with me the most and made a lasting impression. So much, that I went back to see the same exhibition for a second time.

Book Review: Tales for Oskar by Kristian Schuller

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