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INSTA 101: editing photos + filters I love

Over the years, one of the most frequently asked questions on my Instagram (@vickyheiler) has probably been “What filters do you use to edit your photos?”. While I try to be good about answering all your questions directly on the app, I thought it would be fun to put together a post of how I like to edit my Instagram photos, what apps I have and which filters I love to use. For me personally, there are plenty of accounts that I follow where I would LOVE to know how they edit their photos – Sincerely Jules being one of them. I love the look of her account but have never found the answer of what filters she uses. That being said, it is certainly no secret how I edit my photos and I am more than happy to share all the details with you .

INSTA 101: editing photos + filters I love

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BITS & PIECES: shop my outfits on Instagram

Those of you that like to follow along on Instagram (@vickyheilerhave probably noticed me using LIKEtoKNOW.it quite a bit recently. Personally, Instagram is one of my favorite inspirations for anything from outfits, to food, shopping, home decor and beauty products. I have loved the opportunity to shop the outfits of my favorite accounts straight from my inbox after liking the photos on Instagram, so I thought I would provide you guys with the same service.

shop my outfit: liketoknow.it | Bikinis & Passports

How does it work?

1) register at www.LIKEtoKNOW.it

2) “like” my photos on Instagram

3) have the outfit details delivered straight to your inbox via email!

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Bits & Pieces: #inabudhabi

For the first time since I can remember (read: in my life), I decided that I wanted to spend my birthday away from home. Somewhere warm. With a beach near by! Said and done, in December we booked our flights and hotels for sunny Abu Dhabi. We are already at our second hotel here, as we wanted to experience different places throughout the area, but before I start with my hotel review (aka going through 1.000 pictures), here are some bits & pieces from our vacation so far. I’ll tell you more about what to do in Abu Dhabi soon (huge post in the making). Until then, be sure to tune in on Instagram for all the updates: @vickyheiler. Happy hump day & sending you lots of sunshine!

Abu Dhabi | Bikinis & PassportsAbu Dhabi | Bikinis & Passports

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BITS & PIECES: hello September

September isn’t really amongst my favorites months, as we officially have to say good-bye to Summer, but it also holds a few special dates, such as the anniversary with my favorite mister or his birthday. And as of this year, September will always be the month that Kathi and I officially got the keys for our first office. Sometimes it still feels absolutely surreal that we get to call this our life. I am so proud of everything we have accomplished during the last year and so excited for everything the future has in store for us. So here’s a little insta-recap from the past few weeks:

bits & pieces: hello september

Working from home definitely has it’s pros, but I am so excited about actually leaving the apartment in the morning from now on!

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