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TRAVELS: a quick “hello!” from Vancouver

As you guys know, I am currently in Vancouver. We’re spending some quality time with Mike’s family, as a majority of them live here. So far I’ve had too much good food, spent too much money on cute clothes and am getting too much sleep (if there is such a thing). Not complaining though! I captured a few of my favorite moments so far via Instagram (@vickyheiler), so here is a little peek at what we’ve been up to. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating NYE with a nice dinner and then on the 1st we off to … lots of sunshine & palm trees.

Vancouver Instagram Diary

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FOR THE HOME: accessorizing with trays

I have always wanted a white tray for our coffee table. And when I didn’t find the perfect tray for a while, I decided to make use of my quiché pan (seen HERE)! But a few weeks back I received an early morning call from Kathi, telling me about a sale on Westwing where she saw a set of 2 white trays. At first I wasn’t sure about the faux croco material, but I decided it would be a fun texture to change things up a bit and I was super smitten with the shape. Plus, the price was a steal at 40€ for 2 trays (one is slightly smaller than the other). When the trays arrived about a month later I was a bit disappointed, because they aren’t necessarily of the best quality! But you can’t tell from the distance and for now I am loving the smaller one on our dining table and the bigger tray for the coffee table. And I have actually grown pretty fond of the faux croco – kind of loving it now, just like our bedside tray tables (even though the quality of those is definitely better)! As most of you know I like to move things around the apartment and re-decorate every once in a while, so here is a look at how I have been styling the trays in the past few weeks:

white (faux croco) tray + roses

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TRAVELS: a few of my favorite spots in Paris

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in Paris with you guys. Now, I know there are probably MANY more gems that I have no idea about – but I have been to Paris 3 times and these are definitely always on my “must visit” list if I only have a limited amount of time! In all honesty, the first time I travelled to Paris (at age 15) I wasn’t a big fan … I was staying with a host family but felt really lost & lonely, which kind of kept me from enjoying the beauty of the city. However, the past 2 trips to Paris have been wonderful and I’ve really learned to love the french capital. The beautiful buildings, the well-dressed women on the streets and the many small pâtisseries that sell the most delicious croissants – what’s not to love?

visiting Paris

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FOR THE HOME: a few new pretty things

For my birthday I got a few new gorgeous goodies for the apartment that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys. So happy about how everything is slowly coming together ♥ Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

louis ghost chair by Philippe Starck & silver moroccan pouf

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