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BEAUTY TALK: staying young

At age 25 I currently don’t worry much about wrinkles, but I do know it is the time when we should start taking care of our skin and building up for the future – I’m sure you’ve all heard of anti-aging creams for our precious faces. But have you ever thought about your hair getting older? I certainly hadn’t until I was introduced to Pantene Pro V’s new anti-aging series “youth protect 7″. Experts say that around age 25 your hair looses the typical “bounce” and we all know that the structure can change over time (especially during pregnancies or hormonal changes). Well, I certainly love my hair and hope it stays the way it is right now for a long time! I have super thick hair and used to hate it when I was younger (too much to handle…), but over the past few years I have grown fond of my hair and most importantly the thick structure – which I certainly don’t want to change any time soon.
For everyone that is curious now, Pantene Pro V has organized a Q&A session on their Facebook page this Tuesday from 4 to 5:30pm (CET) with the hair expert Sacha Schütte. Join me and lots of other girls to ask away – anything that you want to know about hair care and anti-aging!

pantene pro v youth protect 7

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CRAVINGS: summer blues

While we enjoyed beautiful summery weather last week, the forecast says lots of rain for the next few days. Feels like we’ve got the summer blues … and speaking of summer, here are a few beautiful blue items that are currently on my wishlist for a bit of ocean feeling!

Cravings: Summer Blues - Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: volume, baby!

I love my hair! Period. While I found it a bit much to handle when I was younger, I have grown to really appreciate my long locks. I take great pride in treating my hair well and making sure it stays healthy (no flat iron for me …). Trust me, when I tell you that I have LOTS of hair. But as far as I am concerned the more, the merrier, right? While I usually don’t need extra volume, I still like to experiment with new products. After being really happy with the “Farbglanz Braun” shampoo by Guhl, I had the opportunity to try their new “Langzeit Volumen” line. It promises up to 48 hours of big hair, which is perfect, because my hair is always a lot flatter once I sleep on it. Since I always get a ton of emails asking about my hair, I thought I would share my current daily routine with you today:

Guhl: Langzeit Volumen

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BEAUTY TALK: travel buddies

Even though we just got back from our vacation about 3 weeks ago, in my mind I am already planning our next get-away. There are 2 amazing destinations on my 2014 to-do list, and I am determined to make both of those happen this year! Lots of you asked for more of my personal tips, especially when it comes to packing and planing a trip. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products when traveling to sunny destinations. Back in May of last year, during our trip to Dubai and the Maldives, I shared some of my favorite summer make-up products, but this post is more about taking care of your skin, hair, lips, … in the sun.

Travel Buddies: Skin & Hair Products

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