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Beauty Talk: Split End Repair

Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair - Bikinis & Passports

I have a confession to make: it has been more than 4 months since I last paid a visit to the hairdresser. Usually, I try to make an appointment every 3 months or so, but lately my schedule has been so packed, that quite frankly I haven’t been able to make the time. Luckily, I have learned to take good care of my hair over the years – something I definitely take great pride in – and honestly, there is no sight of split ends [insert pat on back here]….

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BEAUTY TALK: so shiny

Guhl Seidenglanz - Bikinis & Passports

During the Winter I generally have a harder time with my skin, nails and hair. The dry heating air seems to literally make my skin crackle, my nails break at every occasion (that’s why I currently even have a thin layer of gel over my regular nails) and my hair, which is usually super easy going, looks more dull and flies all over the place, due to it being static. But I don’t care if it is Winter or not, I want shiny, pretty hair!!…

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BEAUTY TALK: my top 5 hair products (video)

my top 5 hair products - Bikinis & Passports

If I had to narrow it down to the most asked question I receive, it would definitely have to be about my hair. It is weird to me, since I probably don’t see my hair the way others do (and I know what a fight it usually is in the bathroom), but of course I want to try to answer your questions, and today I wanted to share my personal top 5 hair products with you….

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TRAVELS: Servus, Oktoberfest

#coverprwiesn Oktoberfest 2014 - Bikinis & Passports

As you guys know, this year was a first for me – I attended the Oktoberfest in Munich with a big, fun blogger-gang for the #coverprwiesn! It is such a different world, the second I got of at the train station I knew the so-called “Wiesn” takes over an entire city for 17 days. People in Lederhosen and Dirndl (the traditional clothing) literally everywhere! All of us girls wore dresses by HALLHUBER and I loved mine (see the entire look HERE)….

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