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BEAUTY TALK: a new york lovestory … MYNY

Ohh, New York! There is something so magical about the city, and it is simply like no other place in the world. So impressive, so timeless, so eclectic, so fast, so beautiful, … so New York! I am 100% a city girl and couldn’t imagine not being surrounded by lots of pretty buildings, the hustle and bustle of other people around me and the endless possibilities (especially when it comes to food) a city has to offer on a daily basis. I’ve been to NYC twice and currently the destination is more present than ever, since my good friend Victoria just moved there with her hubby – what better excuse to plan another trip soon, right? Until then, I’ve got MYNY right in my pocket with the new DKNY scent: girly yet grown up – fresh and flowery but also timeless and rich – cool yet classy! MYNY is for every girl, no matter what your lovestory with New York City is like ♥

Bikinis & Passports for DKNY - MYNY Perfume

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WIN: 2.000€ shopping spree

Have you guys ever spent 2.000€ at once? I certainly haven’t. Never. Ever. But I wouldn’t mind testing what it feels like. A shopping cart full of anything and everything my heart desires. Well, you guys are in luck, as GIRISSIMA.com has a CRAZY giveaway going on right now. They are giving away a shopping spree worth 2.000€ to one lucky lady out there. All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter HERE and keep your fingers crossed big time! Good luck ladies – and whoever wins, please send me a picture of what 2.000€ worth of pretty clothes, bags, accessories, etc. looks like 

GIRISSIMA.com 2.000€ shopping spree

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GIVEAWAY: becksöndergaard via Girissima

It has been pouring ALL day here in Vienna. Definitely the rainiest Sunday in a while! So, to make your day a little brighter I have an amazing surprise for you: It’s giveaway-time!! I have teamed up with GIRISSIMA.com for a huge special box filled with Becksöndergaard goodies. Scarves, totes, purses, … so much good stuff in the box ♥ All you have to do is subscribe HERE and leave a comment below.

GIRISSIMA.com / Becksöndergaard Giveaway

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Fact is, girls can be mean! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found it strange how hateful girls can be towards each other. While guys always seem to get along, we are constantly “in a fight” with someone… That is probably one of the reasons why I preferred sitting by a guy friend at school during my final years of high school, rather than with the girls. He was never mad at me for no reason, he never talked behind my back and if something bothered him, he told me straight up. BUT I also treasure my girl friends, because there is nothing quite as special as a true friendship between girls! It is like a second sister.

Braun #breakfree

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