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RECIPE: healthy banana pancakes

For weeks now, my sister has been terrorizing me with photos of her healthy post-workout pancakes which always look like absolut foodporn! I’ve been wanting to try them myself and finally got around to it after my morning workout on Friday. They are mostly made of banana and eggs, which makes them not only filling but also healthy (if you skip the syrup …which I obviously didn’t). I literally want these every single morning from now on. So, I thought I’d share my sister’s recipe with you guys for one of the best breakfasts ever – thank me later!

healthy banana protein pancake recipe - bikinis & passports

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RECIPE: green cleansing detox juice

With summer making a first appearance this week, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to get into bikini-shape (or as close as possible …) to fully enjoy this beautiful weather! Even though I have a fairly healthy diet and eat lots of veggies, a little extra green certainly won’t hurt. As much as I’d love to own a juicer, it simply isn’t an option right now as our kitchen literally has no space left. But I figured why not try the whole green juice thing in a blender? The outcome was yummy, refreshing, hydrating and super healthy – plenty of good reasons to share with you, right?

green cleansing detox juice

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RECIPE: healthy spring salad

One of my all-time favorite meals are salads. I think that I am blessed in a way that I actually prefer veggies over unhealthy things and even at a restaurant I usually find myself browsing the salads. Since I only work part-time at the office (the rest of the day is dedicated to the blog & The Daily Dose), I am usually home by myself for lunch – which I love! It is my quietest time of the day and I celebrate my little one-man-meals. My go-to lunch is a big salad, and currently I am loving baby spinach and arugula mixed with a bit of citrus, parmesan and whatever else I come across in the fridge.

recipe: healthy spring salad with oranges & asparagus

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RECIPE: tuna poke

When Mike texted me yesterday, saying he’d make dinner, I didn’t know what to expect. Little did I know that he had an ace up his sleeve and he surprised me with amazing tuna poke. We both love fish, especially when it is served in form of maki, ceviche or sashimi. Tuna poke is a raw salad, usually served as an appetizer in hawaiian cuisine – which is where Mike knows it from. Most commonly it is made with yellow fin tuna, sea salt, fresh cilantro, chili, sesame oil and soy sauce. However, for the modern version you can also throw in lime juice, tomatos, green onion, maui onion or bell peppers, and it is usually eaten with a side of tortilla chips. Basically, it is really yummy marinated sashimi: healthy and absolutely delicious!

Tuna Poke Recipe

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