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Essentials For Winter: my tips to keep warm

Essentials For Winter: Tipps on How to Stay Warm | Bikinis & Passports

While I am trying my best to adjust my wardrobe to the outdoor setting, I does take some getting used to all the layers and not leaving home without a scarf and gloves again. That’s why I did the work for you, and put together my essentials for Winter today. Aka “my tipps to keep warm” …

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our sunday tradition, a.k.a. spaghetti bolognese

Meals & Coke: Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe | Bikinis & Passports

Growing up, meals together with the family were always the most important part of the day. Still now, we love to celebrate food and eating together every chance we get. To me, those evenings at home with my parents, when everyone comes together are super special. With all of us off in different directions and traveling a lot, those occasions are rare. I cherish the fact that my mom and dad taught me to truly appreciate the food on our table, especially as something to bring family and friends to the table for an evening of laughter….

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healthy chocolate porridge

Recipe: Healthy Chocolate Porridge | Bikinis & Passports

When I wake up in the morning and the thermometer reads 4°C it makes me want to turn around a.s.a.p. and head back to bed. Or put on 5 sweaters. Neither one of those options are realistic though, so instead I’m currently sticking to a warm breakfast. And the best part? It tastes like dessert, but ist totally healthy. Chocolate porridge is my new morning obsession and aside from the fact that it is super filling and healthy, it is also easy to make….

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RECIPE: healthy strawberry ice cream

RECIPE: homemade healthy strawberry ice cream | Bikinis & Passports

This Summer, I made it my mission to make good use of my ice cream maker. After whipping up some coconut coffee ice cream for The Daily Dose, I wanted to create something more fruity for round two. So when I spotted a batch of organic strawberries at the grocery store over the weekend, I knew that strawberry ice cream it was. A healthy version of course, because those are the perks of homemade things – you get to decide what goes in it….

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