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TRAVELS: Blue Marlin Ibiza

My favorite part of our vacation in Ibiza were the lazy days spent at beach clubs. The atmosphere is very special. It’s a weird mix between total relaxation and party. The two usually don’t really go together, but at the beach clubs on Ibiza they do. You lounge on huge day beds while sipping on sangria, occasionally dipping into the ocean and napping in between. Everyone is super laidback and you quickly get to know the people around you.
Originally we had reservations for Blue Marlin Ibiza on Sunday, which supposedly is the best day to go there. Unfortunately it rained all day, so we rescheduled for Tuesday – which ended up being perfect! Even though it was already a little less crowded since the season was coming to an end, we had such a fun and relaxing afternoon. The water is crystal clear and perfect for a little swim in the sun, the food was delicious, the music good and the sangria yummy. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Blue Marlin Ibiza

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TRAVELS: Formentera & 10Punto7 Beach Club

During our getaway to Ibiza, one of the things that was at the very top of my to-do list was a visit to Formentera, a beautiful little Island, located just a quick 1 hour ferry ride from Evissa town. Originally, we actually wanted to book a hotel there, but our choice of hotel was completely booked due to a yoga retreat, so we decided on a day-trip instead. Unfortunately the weather was kind of mixed all week, and we kept waiting for the perfect day. When we knew it wouldn’t come, we went ahead and took the trip anyway. Since our hotel on Ibiza was fairly up north, we took the ferry from Cala Pada, with a quick stop an San Eulalia, which takes about 1.5 hours (slightly longer than from Evissa). The price is 32€ per person round trip, which we thought was totally ok.

Formentera & 10Punto7 Beach Club - Bikinis & Passports

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TRAVELS: Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza

One of the places that was at the very top of my to-do list for Ibiza was the Cotton Beach Club located above the beautiful Cala Tarida. I had seen the restaurant on various Instagram accounts after the Blogger Bazaar trip to Ibiza, and Anne of Les Attitudes also wrote about it earlier this Summer. With an interior kept all in white and an extensive Sushi menu, it was a personal must-try for me. Even though it was a cloudy and rainy day when we stopped by for lunch, it was beautiful none-the-less! The water of Cala Tarida is stunning and the food was delicious. Not to mention the Sangria de Cava, which Mike and I both decided was the best we had all week. But also the strongest …
If you are ever in Ibiza, I can definitely recommend lunch or cocktails at the beautiful Cotton Beach Club!

Cotton Beach Club - Cala Tarida, Ibiza | Bikinis & Passports

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RECIPE: no-bake peanut butter power bites

Recently I’ve been making a few small changes to my diet. I eat healthy most of the time (writing this while I just had pizza & beer last night …), but I feel like there is always room to improve. For the past few weeks I’ve tried to eat as little refined white sugar as possible. Refined white sugar will encourage sugar cravings, so instead I try to eat dried fruits and snack on berries or my no-bake peanut butter power bites. These are so easy to make and a perfect afternoon pick-up with a skinny latte at the office. I usually make a batch of 20-25 power balls on the weekend and then I have plenty for the entire week. They come in at about 60 kcal a piece, so 2-3 are a yummy snack that’ll also provide a ton of energy and make you full (thanks to the flaxseeds and oats)

RECIPE: no-bake peanut butter power balls - Bikinis & Passports

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