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RECIPE: homemade pizza pockets with asparagus

After the last, healthy breakfast smoothie recipe (check it out HERE), it is time for a little something savory today. After all, it is the weekend, which is when calories don’t count and pyjamas and sweats are considered real outfits (at least in my world). Ironically, I am still in my sweats while writing this, with a belly full of homemade pizza pockets with asparagus. Yumm! While I would love to pretend like it was my full intention to make these delicious pizza pockets when I was shopping for groceries yesterday, it would be a complete lie. I actually wanted to make a strudel with puff pastry, but apparently grabbed pizza dough instead of the pre-made puff pastry. The wrong dough called for some improv action in the kitchen, and luckily the result was pretty satisfying.

homemade pizza pockets with asapragus | Bikinis & Passports

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RECIPE: chocolate-banana breakfast smoothie

Dessert for breakfast? Sign me up! A while back, I was in a rush before leaving for the office in the morning and didn’t have time for any of my usual breakfast options like chia pudding, bircher müsli or oatmeal. Instead, I decided to make use of an overly ripe banana and tossed it into the blender with a whole bunch of other things, that I guessed would keep me full until lunch – or at least for a while. The outcome, a totally vegan chocolate-banana breakfast smoothie, is my new favorite go-to breakfast and I even make it on the weekends, where I have plenty of time. It tastes like liquid dessert and with a whole bunch of healthy ingredients it is the perfect fuel to start the day.

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Smoothie | Bikinis & Passports

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The time we were asked to leave …

This past weekend, I visited London with the family and I was super excited to try Nopi, an Ottolenghi restaurant, because I had gotten the recommendation from a true foodie. After not getting a table at Sketch or Momo’s (where we wanted to go for afternoon tea), we decided to head to Nopi for cocktails in Soho instead. You guys know how much I love sharing amazing restaurants, hotels and other places with you, but unfortunately today’s reason for this post is a negative experience … Don’t get me wrong, the cocktails were absolutely delicious and the food looked amazing, plus I liked the interior a lot. However, the way we were treated is absolutely not o.k. in my opinion. Here’s what happened:

Nopi Ottolenghi Soho - Bikinis & Passports

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5 days of Detox Delight – a full review

After last night’s huge Christmas feast, I realized that I still owe you guys the second part of my 5-day Detox Delight review. Perfect timing, huh? For those just tuning in now, you can read about my motives to detox and the first 2 days HERE. For everyone else, let me sum it up in one short sentence: I’d do it again in a heart beat!
There has been a lot of controversy about “detoxing” and trust me, I’ve read articles both pro and con. I’ve done my research and decided for myself, that I personally wanted to try it and make up my own opinion. I am no scientist and by all means, I can not explain what exactly went on in my body during those 5 days. I do not know if toxins actually left my body, or if the liver and kidneys already do a good enough job. All I know is that I loved the results and felt amazing. Some people go on yoga retreats, others head to Las Vegas to wind down. Some like to treat themselves with a delicious burger or pizza, others detox. It is easy as that. Everyone gets to make their own decision on how they want to spend their time (or money) and treat their body. I decided to drink juices for 5 days together with my best friend, and guess what: I liked it.

Detox Delight Review - Bikinis & Passports

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