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TRAVELS: neni Berlin

Even though I didn’t really have time to try a lot of new cool places on my “Berlin To-Do List”, I got lucky on the 4th day, which was spent with Marc Cain. They took us to Neni Berlin in the new 25h Hotel Bikini for lunch. Neni and Tel Aviv Beach are two of my favorite places here in Vienna, so naturally I couldn’t wait to see what their counterpart in Berlin had in store. One word: AMAZING! We had a bit of everything, and it was all super delicious. A few of my favorites include the homemade “Limonana” lemonade (which I already knew from the locations here in Vienna), the couscous paddies, beetroot hummus and yummy mango sorbet for dessert. If you guys are ever in Berlin, definitely stop by Neni for lunch, or have drinks at the Monkey Bar with a stunning view over the zoo.

Neni Berlin - 25Hours Hotel Bikini

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VIENNA: big smoke

If you love summertime, a good BBQ and a great location, then I have THE place for you: Big Smoke! Mike and I always love to try new restaurants and places around town, and last Sunday we finally made it to the new BBQ place down by the danube canal. Personally, I have a weakness for any restaurant that creates an image around the food they serve, I love it when it becomes an experience! Big Smoke has an amazing outdoor location, doesn’t take reservations (waiting times can be up to an hour to get a table) and is seriously cool in terms of the look and feel. Don’t even get me started on the food … Probably not the best place if your vegetarian, but for everyone else it is a dream come true – just make sure you’re not currently on a diet. You can order super tender ribs (which Mike did) or the juciest and most delicious pulled pork ever (my choice), and of course a bunch of other things. The side-dishes are just as good as the main dishes, and I can warmly recommend the corn, cole slaw and bbq-beans (see the whole menu HERE). Next time you’re craving a good BBQ, head on over to the guys at Big Smoke, because they most definitely know what they’re doing!

Big Smoke bbq restaurant Vienna

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RECIPE: healthy banana pancakes

For weeks now, my sister has been terrorizing me with photos of her healthy post-workout pancakes which always look like absolut foodporn! I’ve been wanting to try them myself and finally got around to it after my morning workout on Friday. They are mostly made of banana and eggs, which makes them not only filling but also healthy (if you skip the syrup …which I obviously didn’t). I literally want these every single morning from now on. So, I thought I’d share my sister’s recipe with you guys for one of the best breakfasts ever – thank me later!

healthy banana protein pancake recipe - bikinis & passports

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RECIPE: green cleansing detox juice

With summer making a first appearance this week, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to get into bikini-shape (or as close as possible …) to fully enjoy this beautiful weather! Even though I have a fairly healthy diet and eat lots of veggies, a little extra green certainly won’t hurt. As much as I’d love to own a juicer, it simply isn’t an option right now as our kitchen literally has no space left. But I figured why not try the whole green juice thing in a blender? The outcome was yummy, refreshing, hydrating and super healthy – plenty of good reasons to share with you, right?

green cleansing detox juice

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