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TRAVEL: a day at the (malibu) farm.

Malibu Farm, Breakfast at the Malibu Pier | Bikinis & Passports

The weather in L.A. is not always as sunny as you’d expect it to be. Especially in May and June, the famous “June Gloom” makes an appearance. While the inland areas are nothing but blue skies, the coastal area can get pretty foggy and gloomy in the mornings due to the marine layer clouds moving in from the Pacific.

However, that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time down by the water….

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best served on ice.

Moet Chandon Ice Imperial - Best Served on Ice | Bikinis & Passports

Lately, I have been really happy. I don’t know how else to put it. It is hard to find the exact reason or words to describe the feeling, but after a very travel-intense month in April with barely any time at home or with Mike (aka my rock), May has been such a welcome change in pace.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday with the whole family and my brother even flew in from Australia, the weather is finally starting to look like Summer is coming our way, my sister is back in Vienna after 9 month in Berlin (meaning: we’re back to Sunday pasta nights) and I have had time to spend at home, enjoying Vienna. …

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HOW TO: 5 tips for a productive morning.

Nespresso Lungo Morning: 5 Tips For a Productive Morning Routine | Bikinis & Passports

Being self-employed for almost 3 years now (yay!) has been one of the greatest lessons in life to me personally. I feel like I have grown and learned so much. It has taught me better time management, to be more organized (at least I try), to take responsibility and to have discipline. And it has also given me a lot of freedom!

In theory, I could sleep until noon, eat ice cream in bed and stay in my P.J.s all day….

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RECIPE: green quinoa wraps.

Green Quinoa Wrap Recipe - Bikinis & Passports

The other day, I picked up a healthy lunch wrap with quinoa, pesto, spinach and feta on the go. It ended up being SO good that I tried my best to figure out exactly what it was composed of to recreate a similar wrap at home. This past weekend, I made the green quinoa wraps for Mike and I, and even he was impressed. Reason enough to share the recipe with you guys just in time for lunch, right?…

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