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RECIPE: my favorite green juice

Those of you that follow along on Instagram (@vickyheiler) have probably already gotten wind of the new addition to our kitchen – a juicer! I’ve been making juices non-stop since the second we got it and still can’t get enough. Seriously, so yumm! Since a lot of you have commented with questions, regarding the brand of our juicer and my favorite recipes, I thought it was time to share. For the month of August, I’ll be sharing a recipe every week. And today we’re starting with my favorite green juice recipe that is not only super healthy, but also absolutely delicious and refreshing: “The Best Celer-y”.

Green Juice Recipe with Celery and Spinach

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RECIPE: green cleansing detox juice

With summer making a first appearance this week, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to get into bikini-shape (or as close as possible …) to fully enjoy this beautiful weather! Even though I have a fairly healthy diet and eat lots of veggies, a little extra green certainly won’t hurt. As much as I’d love to own a juicer, it simply isn’t an option right now as our kitchen literally has no space left. But I figured why not try the whole green juice thing in a blender? The outcome was yummy, refreshing, hydrating and super healthy – plenty of good reasons to share with you, right?

green cleansing detox juice

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BIG NEWS: the daily dose X equa – limited edition

Big things are happening over at The Daily Dose! I am beyond excited to share an amazing new collaboration with you: Kathi and I have teamed up with the Slovenian brand EQUA for a limited edition water bottle designed by us. Now you’re probably thinking: “Umm, WHY a water bottle?”! Well, there are plenty of reasons! First of all, water is the key to life – we all need it, we all drink it! And secondly, because it is sustainable and for a good cause! 10% of new profits will be donated directly to NGOs that promote a healthy lifestyle and are aware of the importance of nature. I’ve personally been a fan of EQUA bottle for over a year, and use mine to carry around in my purse, to ensure I drink enough water throughout the day (which I am very bad at)!

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I know a lot of you are interested in my diet and fitness. I receive emails asking about staying healthy on an almost daily basis. I’ve talked about my personal point of view HERE, and not much has changed since. It is a blessing, that I actually have a great liking for healthy food. The things I find myself craving usually involve lots of veggies and fruit. Also, I really don’t have a sweet tooth at all. I hardly ever find myself wanting candy or chocolate (other than an occasional spoon full of nutella or peanut butter) and I can easily skip dessert. Personally, I feel that diets are not the way to go. It is all about changing your mindset and making a healthy diet and regular exercise part of your life – to a point where you actually enjoy it. I am realistic about my lifestyle and know that 3 workouts per week are just about all I can squeeze into my schedule right now. That’s ok for me. While I usually hit the gym or go for a run, I also love trying new things. And this is where TRX training (also known as “suspension training”) comes into play.

TRX Training - In Good Shape Vienna

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