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My 45-Minute Workout Routine

FITNESS: 45-Minute Workout Routine

Four weeks from now, I will be basking under the sun in Ibiza, which means that bikini season is not over just yet. In preparation of our girls trip, I am currently trying to work out 3 to 4 times per week to get my tummy and legs a bit more toned. I usually like to mix things up, so those workouts consist of 1 or 2 runs, a little yoga or spinning and 1 gym session….

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HEALTHY LIVING: detox round 2

Detox Delight Review: Super Green Delight Juice Cleanse | Love Daily Dose

It has been almost exactly 6 months since the last time Kathi and I detoxed (check out our detox diary HERE), and in order kick-off the bikini season with a little help, we decided to go for round 2! Unfortunately, our schedules are so busy right now, that we were only able to squeeze in a 3-day juice cleanse, but I guess a 3-day cleanse is better than a no-day-cleanse, right?…

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5 ways to a healthier lifestyle

5 ways to a healthier lifestyle | Bikinis & Passports

Over the years, I feel like I have developed a fairly healthy lifestyle for myself, without obsessing over things too much. I enjoy the meals I eat, I have grown to love exercise and I am content with the way I look (most of the time). Personally, I am not a fan of certain diets, but instead prefer to make subtle long-term changes for the better. For me, radical changes are only short-term solutions, and in the end, I think it is more about being and living healthy….

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HEALTHY LIVING: The Monday Ritual

Monday Ritual | Bikinis & Passports

Mondays aren’t always my favorite. It is hard to go back to emails and long to-do lists after all the weekend fun (I am sure most of you can relate). Lately, however, I’ve found a way to make Mondays pretty enjoyable. They are what I like to consider my “me days”. For a few weeks now, I’ve scheduled in my hot yoga class as an actual appointment in my calendar….

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