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CRAVINGS: the yoga affair.

Yoga Outfit: Yoga Wear Inspiration | Bikinis & Passports

For the past 2 weeks, I have started my Mondays with a 10am spinning class together with Kathi. The first time around was because we wanted to shoot our sporty Editor’s Pick in the according setting and give the new active wear a run for it’s money, aka 60 minutes of sweat on the bike. So technically, it was a work-related workout. However, it was such a great way to start the new week and skip the Monday blues, that we decided to do it again last week, followed by an early morning boxing class on Tuesday….

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HEALTHY LIVING: yoga with myClubs.

myClubs Doktor Yoga | Bikinis & Passports

Some of you may remember the yoga phase I was going through back in the Summer with my 30-day challenge. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now, sometimes weekly, other times not for months. Sometimes it was a yin yoga class, then it was hot yoga. I tried private lessons and classes with 4o people. It took me a while (and a small fortune) to find the right yoga studio for me personally, but luckily Vienna has so much to offer when it comes to fitness and different sports or studios….

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FITNESS: yoga at home + 30-day challenge

FITNESS: Yoga At Home Video & Class | Bikinis & Passports

In Koh Samui last week, we were in for a real treat one morning. Set amidst the treetops in a little hut, we got to practice yoga with a true yogi (16 years of practice) who taught me more in 1 hour than I’ve learned in most yoga classes combined. So inspirational! And a good reminder to do yoga more often again. Back home, I was craving a yoga session on Monday night and decided to head to Youtube for some help in the “yoga at home” department….

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FITNESS: triaction.

Triumph Triaction Sport BH | Bikinis & Passports

During our fitness retreat on Mallorca back in May, we had Svjetlana, a personal trainer, with us all week. Aside from the fact that she is one of the sweetest and funnies ladies I have ever met, she also took so much time to sit down with all of us individually to talk about nutrition and fitness. She analyzed our different body types, helped us find exercises to achieve our personal goals and gave us tips about ways to improve our diet without actually dieting….

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