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CRAVINGS: under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Presents 2016 - what I got for Christmas | Bikinis & Passports

I have to admit, it has been a bit quiet here on the blog since Tuesday. That is because, like most other people, I have decided to stay away from my laptop for Christmas and did all those things I never have time for during the year. Slept in ’til 10 every day, had lazy breakfast with the family until noon, took long walks in the freezing cold, warmed up with coffee and cookies, drank too much wine at dinner and of course, ate way too much….

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Turkey Time

Turkey Time

Some of you may have seen this photo on my Instagram account (@vickyheiler) on Sunday, where I told you that we’d be making our first turkey feast. Well, now I can proudly show you a few snapshots! We may still need a bit of practice (the skin ripped as we were turning it on the BBQ & we forgot to tie down the legs, causing the birdy to do the splits while cooking), but we had so much fun & it actually tasted amazing….

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NEW IN: miu miu and michael kors from mom & dad

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Without a doubt, this christmas has been one of the best yet! Mike celebrated with our family for the first time, which was the biggest gift of them all – to be able to have both my family and Mister boyfriend by my side on Christmas Eve could not have been more magical!!

Other than that I was surprised with my first light blue box (lots of tears of joy!!) and a wonderful weekend-get-away from Mike, my parents got me both my biggest wishes from this year’s list, and my siblings spoiled me with goodies for the home….

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running in the cold.

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Last winter my running shoes never saw anything else other than the treadmill at the gym. I simply thought there was no way I could run outdoors with temperatures below 10°C. But after talking to a few people who know their stuff (including one of my colleagues who happens to be a trained fitness coach) I was told otherwise. All it takes is the right gear and a bit of motivation :) The appropriate clothes can easily be found online (and don’t have to cost a fortune) and the motivation comes naturally when you have a running buddy (mine happens to be my lovely neighbor Katja, aka Miss t-h-i-n-g-s)….

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