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VIDEO: behind the scenes #CoverPRBloggerShooting

I am so excited to share the official behind-the-scenes video from our #CoverPRBloggerShooting with you guys today. The girls (Anne, Anni, Jana, Masha & Sarah) feel like family and we had such a fun 4 days with our amazing agency CoverPR by the beautiful Wörthersee. We worked with great brands, photographers (Manuela & Christoph), were made pretty by Cristoph from Aveda and the lovely girls of Vogelfrai caught it all on tape. Happy weekend, everyone!

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VIENNA: Cazón Jewelry

Last night I had the fun opportunity to get to know the amazing jeweler Cazón in Vienna where all the pieces are handmade right there in the store - and the best part: I made my very own knuckle ring! Yes, as in: I MADE IT! It started out as a simple piece of silver, and with the help of the talented Daniel Cazón Garzotto and his team I actually turned it into a shiny little ring. Daniel originates in Chile and became a jeweler to finance his college studies (he told us school is super expensive in Chile). Well, good thing he decided to use diamonds and gold to pay for his education, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enjoy his beautiful pieces today. Those that know me, know that I have a serious obsession with delicate rings. And at Cazón just about every ring is perfection in my books! Lots of rosé gold, sparkly diamonds and delicate jewelry awaits. To my surprise the pieces were actually “affordable” (as affordable as diamonds get …) because Cazón adapts their prices to the current kilo price of gold (currently around 42.000€ for 1kg). My favorite piece in the entire store was the ring in the 2. image below, which comes in at around 250€. Dear Santa …

Cazón Jewelry Vienna

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OUTFIT: back to the 20s with Hugo Boss

Last week, Hugo Boss called for a very special celebration in honor of their new store opening here in Vienna. The night was themed “The Great Gatsby” with a 20s vibe and it was literally nothing short of amazing! Maddie and I spent the evening playing black jack, being driven around in vintage cars and sipping on seriously delicious cocktails at Albertina Passage. As you guys probably know, I attend events on a weekly basis, and they are usually all fun and great. But I don’t think anything measures up to last week! It was one of the best nights in a really long time, and on top of a great party, I am super excited about my new pants, which I was gifted for the opening. I got so many compliments for my outfit that night (I’ll admit, my ego loved it) and can’t wait to wear them again soon.
PS. For more impressions from the night, be sure to check out THIS post ♥ felt like such royalty in the back of that oldtimer!

Hugo Boss Store Opening - Vienna

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POP UP STORE | Bloggers’ Choice

As some of you may know, the MQ Vienna Fashion Week is currently taking place. While I decided not to attend any shows this year (other than the event for the opening night on Tuesday), I am still participating in this year’s fashion week in a different way. I was asked to be a part of the Pop Up Store | Blogger Choice, where each blogger picks local designers and handselects 10 – 15 pieces from each designer to be sold exclusively at the “freiraum – quartier 21 – MQ” from September 12th until the 15th.
I have to admit, Vienna has some pretty great designers to offer, but in the end I wanted to pick something that reflected my personality and my style. I tried to think about the things that are important to me when choosing and outfit, and I ended up deciding on APreciouZ for their stunning & colorful statement necklaces, as well as Pia Mia, which is a label that works with very high-quality materials to create simple pieces in a beautiful neutral color palette. I think the combination of timeless tops and sweaters, paired with big, colorful necklaces pretty much represents my style perfectly and I am super happy with my choice. For everyone that wants to see for themselves, be sure to stop by the Pop Up Store and support our amazing local designers!

MQVFW 13 Pop Up Store | Bloggers Choice

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