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LOVELY THINGS: striped straws & monograms

Back in December – as I was putting together our bar tray - I was on the lookout for cute bar / kitchen accessories and really wanted striped straws. For some reason those pretty straws were almost impossible to find anywhere in Europe (at an affordable price). But then my search finally led me to Etsy, where I came across the amazing shop “BackToZero” by Lingke. Not only does the shop offer just about any type of straw you could imagine (at only 4$ for a pack of 25!!), but it also sells gorgeous wrapping accessories (which I used for Christmas last year) and cupcake holders, as well as wax seal stamps. I just received my second order from BackToZero last week and wanted to share this Etsy gem with you guys. And since Lingke saw that I blogged about her items before, she was sweet enough to offer my readers a -15% discount code: BIKINISPASSPORT

Happy Shopping :)

striped straws

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D.I.Y.: gift wrapping for christmas

For the past few years it has become a ritual of mine to lock myself into my room the day before christmas to wrap all of the presents. I may be a bit weird, but I LOVE wrapping presents!! Accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea, a few cookies and my favorite christmas songs by Michael Bublé it makes for the perfect afternoon activity before the 24th. Last year I tied little silver snowflakes and ornaments with the faces of my family members on them to the presents (seen HEREinstead of name tags. This year I thought it would be fun to share the wrapping process with you guys a few days before christmas, since I am always on the lookout for a few ideas myself. Hope you like it :)

{cute masking tape, red & white twine, a pretty crochet tape & a few ornaments is all it takes}

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halloween 2012

Since some of you had asked if I was dressing up for Halloween and what I had planned for the 31st, here’s a quick instagram-round-up of last night. Follow me @vickyheiler ♥

{with Sonja}

{inspired by Dia de los Muertos – Candy Skull}

{what do you guys think about my new boyfriend?!}

{Sonja made 3 of these to put up around the living room for our little party}

{halloween on our dining table}

{themed drinks & snacks – those martini glasses with the eye-balls were my favorite!!}

{finally home at 4am – makeup & flowers held up}

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the golden dino.

A super quick little DIY with a cute story: Last year, I gave Mike the dinosaur in the pictures below for his birthday. It was a “coupon” for one of his presents, a special edition box for the Jurassic Park Trilogy , which was to come out a month later. Ever since he was little, he has LOVED dinos (hence the movies). And naturally he didn’t want to get rid of the little toy dino I had gotten him. But since it doesn’t really work with the rest of our decor, we decided on a little compromise. I got to turn it gold and shiny :) Here’s the result – I love it! ♥ ♥ ♥

{What you’ll need: A toy dinosaur & some golden spray paint & an old newspaper to cover the floor}

{the little guy now finds a special place on the sideboard in our living room, paired with fresh flowers & candles}

{images via HERE and HERE}


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