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Finding THE dress …

“Alles Walzer!” (let’s walz) – that is today’s motto! I am so excited to tell you guys that I will be attending the Opera Ball here in Vienna for the first time in February … such a dream come true! Naturally, the first question that popped into my head was “what on earth am I going to wear?”. That’s why I headed to Peek & Cloppenburg in the 1st district this past weekend to do a bit of dress shopping. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous white gowns, designed exclusively by Atil Kutoglu for P&C. The modern interpretation of Sisi with the draped shoulder was literally too stunning for words … however, since only the debutantes get to wear white, my search continued. I want to wait until the actual ball to show you the dress, but I do have a few shots from the fitting to share today. Excited to hear what you guys think!

Peek & Cloppenburg Opernball - Bikinis & Passports

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HEALTHY LIVING: time to detox

Some of you may have already spotted a little detox-preview on my Instagram account (@vickyheiler), and so I thought it was time to give you a more detailed update after completing my first 2 days of nothing but liquids with Detox Delight. First things first: I know detoxing is experiencing a certain hype right now, and I know some of you are already sick of hearing about it. However, I am the kind of person that always needs to experience things in order to form an opinion. I don’t listen to judgements about other people, I try to get to know them. I don’t believe others when they say somethings doesn’t taste good, I like to try it myself. Naturally the same goes for detoxing!

Detox Delight Review Day 1 & 2 | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: blue jeans, baby!

As you guys know, I am a huge fan of black, coated skinny jeans. However, lately I’ve found myself a bit bored with my closet and decided it was time for a real pair of blue jeans. No rips, no distressed look, no fancy dyes, just blue jeans. After searching for the perfect pair for a while, I finally got lucky at Diesel today with their Skinzee jeans. They fit like a glove, are a true blue denim and are making me pretty happy at the moment. Paired with a cozy, slightly grungy, knit and oversized scarf, it is the perfect look to stay warm in a stylish way these days. How do you guys feel about the blue jeans on me? I think I’ll be wearing these a lot – especially once Spring comes around!

Outfit: DIESEL - Bikinis & Passports

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BEAUTY TALK: airbrush make-up

Have you ever wondered what your face and skin would look like with picture perfect make-up? I’ve heard about lots of make-up artists working with air brush systems to create a flawless complexion and have always wanted to try it to see what all the fuss is about. About 2 weeks ago I was invited to try the Temptu home airbrush system, which was just brought to Austria by Mariana Hiebl and allows all women (aside from professionals) to use airbrush make-up. Temptu’s airbrush-system debuted in 2009 as the first easy-to-use, professional-quality, home airbrush makeup system. As you know, I have very dry skin and am not the biggest fan of heavy foundations and usually stick to more natural/light BB creams or tinted moisturizers, so that was one of the main concerns I had about the airbrush. However, Mariana quickly informed me that the airbrush was actually a good alternative for dry skin, because it doesn’t go into the skin, but rather covers it to lock in the moisture. We moisturized before and the make-up lasted all day without drying out my skin. I really liked the results and love the option of having such professional results at home, but for daily use it would be a bit too much work for me personally and it definitely takes practice to apply it evenly. However, for formal events or shoots I think it is a perfect option. Mariana actually used the Temptu system on me for a recent photo shoot as well, and in my opinion it was one of the prettiest looks I’ve ever had done for a shoot. Have any of you tried Temptu or heard of it? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Temptu Airbrush-System

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