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OUTFIT: summer dreams

This Summer has definitely not been one to go down in history. It seems we had a few nice days in June, then had a super humid and rainy July and went straight into Fall … However, last week in Portoroz it finally felt a bit like I had imagined this Summer to be (and today the sun is out in Vienna – yay!!). Cut-off shorts, light airy blouses and lace bralets all day. I’ve collected quite a few of those pretty summer bras over the past few months, but my favorite summer essential is definitely my newest addition, the “sensual essence” by Triumph. This is my favorite vacation look with a little something lacy underneath.

Triumph "sensual essence" lace bra - Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: head to toe in Marc Cain

As promised in yesterday’s post, today I am sharing my total Marc Cain look for the event in Berlin. We each got to browse the collection and choose whatever we wanted. I’ve been drawn to the idea of light, airy palazzo pants for quite a while now and think they are a great item to own, especially for Summer. To dress down the pants a bit I paired them with a simple striped blouse, which I also can’t wait to wear with some denim cut offs. Rather than statement accessories I decided to go with delicate rings and a tiny heart necklace by Minissimo and really bold lips in a bright pink. I am so happy with how everything turned out and felt super comfortable all day. How do you guys like the look?

Outfit: Marc Cain - Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: recovery mode

Those that have ever suffered from food poisoning can probably understand what my weekend looked like. I’ll spare you the details, but let me just tell you that it was BAD! I’ve had food poisoning once before, and even though it feels like death has come to hunt you down, at least you know it can only last about 24hrs or so. Well, so I thought … on day 2 I woke up with severe swelling on my face. The doctor was called, I got 3 shots and thought I would be back to my old self by Monday morning. Not the case. Same with Tuesday. Due to the intense vomiting from Saturday I had to take in tons of salt and water to stop my body from cramping. Turns out that as someone who doesn’t usually eat much salt it was simply too much. To make a long story short: Thanks to all the salt I’ve been suffering from pretty intense swelling (water deposits) on my face and looked like THIS. Not a pretty sight. But yesterday things finally got a little better and some fresh air, pretty shoes (hello Ferragamo lovers via Sigrun Woehr) and good company were just what I needed. For those first days of recovery, easy flats, a simple shirt and jeans are always a safe bet, right?

Outfit: ferragamo flats via Sigrun Woehr

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CRAVINGS: monochrome

As much as I love my patterns (seen HERE), there is also something special and comforting about monochrome items. I love a piece that is bold in color but simple in terms of the cut or pattern – usually because those items are the most versatile and work with a lot of other items in my closet! I was recently introduced to the brand Laurèl, which may not be my typical destination for shopping, but their monochrome pieces are definitely craving-worthy for the summer and absolutely timeless. The do lots of patterned items, but they also do the simple monochrome pieces, which I love. For example the green silk blouse would easily work with a pair of destroyed denim for a day at the beach, but also with black skinny jeans, a statement necklace and heels for the next date night. For the warmer season I always love to venture away from the typical black/gray/white scale and add a bit of color to my closet. Which of these pieces is your favorite?

Laurèl Wishlist - monochrome

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