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VIENNA: GELeration pedicure at Topkapi salon

For about 6 months now, I’ve been getting regular gel pedicures. I know that gel polishes have been around for a few years, but for my hands I get sick of the same color after about 5 days, so I only tried it once about 3 years ago and didn’t like it. However, for my pedicure, I always have the same super dark red, so last year in September I decided to treat myself to a shellac pedicure. I loved the results so much, that I haven’t gone back to regular polish yet. There are quite a few studios in Vienna that offer the gel mani/pedicure, so 3 weeks ago, I decided to try the GELeration pedicure by Jessica Cosmetics at Topkapi salon. The salon is located right on Kohlmarkt in the 1st district, which is probably as good as it gets in terms of location (umm, right above Chanel …). The pedicure was done amazingly and I am super happy with the results – the picture below is the way it looks after 18 days, so more than 2 weeks and still good as new! The Topkapi salon may be a bit old fashioned in comparison to other spas with super modern massage chairs and foot baths, but in the end, the thing I personally really care about the most is a good pedicure that lasts for weeks. Up until now, I’ve been getting the La Ric 2 Go pedicure, but during our vacation in Mexico I had a nail chip for the first time (which really isn’t supposed to happen with shellac or gel), so I wanted to try something new. I am a big fan of the regular Jessica Cosmetics nail polishes, and so far I am more than happy with the way my GELeration pedicure is holding up. Have any of you tried the GELeration mani- or pedicure? How did you like it?

GELeration pedicure by Jessica Cosmetics

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NEW IN: bits of happiness

I feel that any time you come home after a long trip, you appreciate your surroundings a bit more than before you left. Personally, I love the feeling of the first breakfast back home, visiting your favorite flower shop again, grabbing coffee on a lazy Sunday and watching the sun set over a beautiful skyline, that we get to call home. Since we left early on the 26th of December, I didn’t really have any time to enjoy my wonderful presents right after Christmas – so when we came home this weekend I finally had time to really take everything in, get things situated in our apartment and enjoy my own personal bits of happiness. Some of you may remember THIS post from a few months back – well my dear friend Anna was super attentive and surprised me with the Tom Dixon candle for Christmas. I literally could not believe my eyes and am so thankful for friends that pay attention to the little things and know me so well. Also, “it” by Alexa Chung was on my Christmas wishlist this year and got to join my other coffee table books as a present from my grandma. I have yet to acutally read it, but from flipping through it it looks pretty good. Lastly, treat collection (a new nail polish brand from Berlin) spoiled me with 5 of their colors to kick off the new year. I love, love, LOVE “popsicle“, “drama queen” and “good thing” – now I just need to decide which one to try first! Hope you all had a great start to a fresh, new week & happy Monday!

Tom Dixon Candle "London"

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LOVING: new knuckle-bling

Generally speaking, I would consider myself a pretty positive person and usually I can find some good in everything. BUT the sun still hasn’t shown up … you guys, seriously, I could cry! Mexico is so beautiful and there is so much we wanted to explore and see, but it has literally been raining every day except for a sunny afternoon on Thursday, and Sunday when it finally stopped for a bit around noon. Apparently this kind of bad weather hasn’t happened here for the past 20 years … well good thing it decides to drop by right when we’re in town! We’ve tried to stay positive by indulging on room service, working out at the gym, cuddling in our robes and even working through our inboxes but the sun simply won’t come out any more. Yesterday was semi-dry so we decided we needed to do something despite the bad weather (17°C with winds is pretty cold if you only packed for 30°C), grabbed the only sweater we brought on the trip and headed over to Tulum to explore the Mayan ruins. I absolutely loved that, but it also made me a little sad about all the amazing other things we missed out on (swimming in cenotes, seeing Chichan Itza, a snorkeling trip which was cancelled because of too much wind, riding ATVs in the jungle …). But I guess it just goes to show that we definitely need to come back :) Anyways, so much for my little weather rant – now on to much prettier things, such as my GORGEOUS new knuckle ring! My sister surprised me with it for Christmas and it could not be more perfect: rosé gold, tiny crystals and amazingly delicate ♥ Do you guys remember this post about knuckle rings?

Delicate Rosegold Knuckle Ring

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LOVING: a few current favorites

As you guys know, I have a few beauty products that I am literally addicted to, including my beloved Kiehl’s bb cream, MACs studio fix skin finish and the “pink leopard” bronzer by Too Faced (which unfortunately no longer exists, but the sweetest Anna managed to steal one from her mom’s cosmetic bag for me ♥ you guys have no idea how happy that made me!!). I’ve been using these products forever and am still super happy with them. But then, there are also some that I like to switch up every once in a while. I like to try new things, in the hopes of finding something I love just as much as my other favorites. So when NU3 approached me and gave me the opportunity to try their new online-shop, it was the perfect chance to try a few new things that I’ve been meaning to test.

www.nu3.at "Die Nährstoffexperten"

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