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CRAVINGS: Louis Vuitton Noé

It’s no secret that bucket bags have become quite the must-have since last year. It took me a while for them to grow on me, but now I have officially fallen for the convenient every-day bag. There were quite a few different bucket bags on my radar, including the obvious Mansur Gavriel, this version by Saint Laurent and a few others. In the end, however, I kept coming back to the Noé by Louis Vuitton.

In strict chronological terms, the Noé is the second oldest Louis Vuitton bag. Its birth date of 1932 places itself at the start of an exceptional decade that saw the creation of other Louis Vuitton icons: the Speedy, the Alma and the Keepall.
The story of its creation is the stuff of legend. Looking for a stylish way to transport his valuable vintages, a champagne producer placed a special order with Gaston-Louis Vuitton. He designed a timelessly simple bucket shape, which could hold four bottles upright and a fifth upside down, secured with a supple leather drawstring. He called the bag Noé – in reference, it is said, to the biblical hero who, when he left the Ark after the Flood, planted vines on the mountains of Ararat.” (via)

Louis Vuitton Noé via Vestiaire Collective | Bikinis & Passports

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OUTFIT: meet luna

Some bags are just bags, others are more than that! Let me introduce you to the Luna Bag ♥ This year, my parents were crazy generous for Christmas and spoiled my sister and I with new bags by Porsche Design. She got the Cosmo, I got the Luna! Both perfect in their own way, very different but also kind of similar. Just like the two of us. Aside from the fact that Luna is the most perfect buttery soft leather and every-day bag, there is also a very personal story behind the two bags, which makes the gift so special for the both of us. Trust me, you’ll be seeing this baby around A LOT!

Porsche Design Luna Bag - Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: statement pieces

I feel like sometimes one piece can make an entire outfit. As you guys know, I love timeless items in my wardrobe, which are usually not the most exciting. But if you add a big sparkly necklace or a cool patterned sweater, it can easily transform a look. So this week’s cravings (one day late – I know …) are all about those pieces. Take that amazing Hoss Intropia jacket for example, all you’d need with that are some black pumps, skinny jeans & a simple shirt underneath and you’re ready to go. Or the way those shorts are styled on the model: all black + one eye-catching piece. It is such a simple equation, but it works every time – trust me :) Which of these items is your favorite?

Cravings: Statement Pieces That Can Transform An Outfit

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#LVICONS – Louis Vuitton Neverfull (Part 3)

The final two outfits for part 3 of the #LVicons blogger project are definitely the closest to my heart. For these 2 looks, the wonderful crew from Louis Vuitton suggested shooting on the rooftop of our apartment, with my own Monogram Neverfull and Mike by my side. After almost 8 hours of shooting we saw the sun setting over Vienna and it truly hit me how blessed I am. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever to work on such a great project, and I am seriously beyond thankful for everything this blog has allowed me to do!

Over the past months, I have had some readers ask me how and why I decided to go with the Monogram pattern for my Neverfull MM. And honestly, I am not sure I can answer that question. I always wanted the Damier Ebene, but when the time came to make my purchase, my gut told me to go with the classic Monogram. It is such an iconic pattern and I think for my first Louis Vuitton bag I could not have made a better choice. Some may find the LV too prominent, but I think that it stands for a family name that holds so much history and tradition, and that’s why I love it! For my next bag, I will probably chose something more subtle (like the gorgeous epi leather), but I would never want to trade my Neverfull, as I think everyone should have at least one piece in the classic Monogram in their bag collection – and having my initals hot-stamped on the bag makes it all the more special and personal.

#LVicons Part 3: Neverfull Monogram MM

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