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FOR THE HOME: final touches on the deck

OUTDOOR LIVING: final touches for our deck with WestwingNow | Bikinis & Passports

Even though I’ve considered out deck “done” since the beginning of Summer (when I last shared some impressions) there is always room for a little improvement, right? Over the years, I’ve found lots of amazing pieces for our home, thanks to the sales on Westwing (ie. all of the pillows in our apartment …). Recently, my favorite destination for online-interior shopping launched their new ready-to-shop site called WestwingNow – which will basically be the death of me (or actually my bank account). …

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FOR THE HOME: under the sun

FOR THE HOME: under the sun - rooftop decor | Bikinis & Passports

Last weekend, when Mike was in Berlin for a boys trip, my mom came to visit in Vienna. We ran the 10km Frauenlauf together on Sunday and drove out to Tulln afterwards. Basically, Tulln is a big fat gardening paradise, with some amazing nurseries for everything your green thumb may desire (we went to Praskac because they are open on Sundays). Due to the fact that my thumb is not so green, I had to replace all of our plants this year as they looked a little worse for wear after the Winter….

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FOR THE HOME: al fresco dining

al fresco dining area - Bikinis & Passports

While Mike has been gone on a boys’ trip to Ibiza for the past 5 days, I took the opportunity to get a few things from my personal to-do list done, including a little table for dining up on the deck. We’ve had a lounge area for the past 2 years, which comes with a “coffee table”, but it was simply too unpractical for eating. For this summer, I actually want us to be able to sit down at a table for some al fresco dining….

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OUTFIT: summer prep

summer prep - bikinis & passports

Things are finally starting to feel like Summer around here and I cannot wait for our first outdoor girls night of the season! My sister and I spent the entire morning at the garden center yesterday, stocking up on palm trees, lavender and other fun stuff for our outdoor space, and the afternoon was devoted to planting the new purchases. I am so happy with the way the deck has come together – and with my new shorts!…

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