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CRAVINGS: rainy days

Sunday Cravings: rainy days

It’s been raining all day, and guess what – I am not even really upset about it. Something about rainy Sundays is simply magical to me. I don’t know if it is because I love an excuse to stay on the sofa all day, or if it is the sound of the raindrops falling on our skylight windows. Or maybe because it requires a certain attire, which could possibly call for some online shopping?…

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CRAVINGS: cool cat

Cravings: Cool Cat

On most days I would describe my style as pretty classy and timeless (not too experimental), with a girly touch. But sometimes I am craving a bit of an edge – biker boots, chains, studs & some black. Today’s cravings are for my inner cool cat! Dark lipstick (I’ve been wanting something Tom Ford forever …), a Stella McCartney clutch (I think the Falabella from last christmas is still one of my favorite purchases of the year), and of course a scarf by Alexander McQueen….

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CRAVINGS: fully equipped

silky blouses by Equipment via Net-a-Porter

If my birthday was coming up next week, there would really only be one thing on my wishlist at the moment (aside from the new macbook pro I desperately need – but that’s a whole other story). The thing I am craving right now is a really pretty, high-quality silk blouse by Equipment. Actually, I am craving 4 of them, but I would definitely be happy with just one :)
Over the past year I’ve really managed to get a good grip on my spending habits and I totally stopped “just stopping by Zara or H&M on the way home” – you know those days, when you’re not even looking for anything but walk out with a bag full of new stuff?…

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BEAUTY TALK: sunday funday

Essie sunday funday nail polish

Love, love, loooove the summer nail polish collection by Essie this year – and my favorite is definitely “Sunday Funday“. It is a beautiful corally orange with just the perfect amount of subtle glitter. I applied it for the second time today (last seen HERE) and seriously adore the color. And the fact that it works perfectly with my phone cover by Tory Burch is a nice bonus, right?…

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