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GLAMLOOP: shop my designer stuff

As you guys know, I am a firm believer in cleaning out your closet at least once per year (preferably every 6 months). Even though I have started shopping much more consciously over the past year or so, I still come across items in my closet that I hardly ever wear. Just a few weeks ago, a friend told me about Glamloop.com, which is basically a market place to sell and shop for designer and high quality items. They’ve seriously got everything – Chanel, YSL, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, …
Anyway, I was instantly drawn to the idea of having a platform to sell a few pieces that were simply too nice to take to a regular flea market. Especially because everything is checked for authenticity before it goes live – so no fakes or fraud! Glamloop offers two different options for selling, you can either choose SELF service or RUNDUM/ concierge service in bigger cities. The SELF Service is where you decided which items need to go and for how much you want to sell them. For the RUNDUM/ concierge service, a fashion consultant will actually come to your home to pick up the items and help you choose and price them. This is perfect for getting the most money out of the treasures your closet holds. And the best part: You don’t have to worry about the annoying uploading and taking pictures. All you have to do is put all the items you want to sell in a box, send them to Glamloop in Munich and wait for them to go online.

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NEW IN: delicate knuckle rings

I’ve been lusting over knuckle rings for just about a year now. I am a sucker for all delicate rings (remember the editor’s pick on The Daily Dose?). At the beginning of the year I tried on a gorgeous option in roségold, but wasn’t 100% sure if those rings were right for me, so I wasn’t ready to spend 150€ on it. While I was running a few errands with my sister this past Thursday, we stumbled upon a little pack of knuckle rings at Zara. I decided that the inexpensive version was perfect to see how I liked them. I’ve been wearing them non-stop the past 2 days (usually just one on the index or middle finger) and am pretty much in love. Maybe Christmas would be a good opportunity to wish for the roségold ring I originally wanted … How do you guys like knuckle rings?

delicate knuckle rings

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CRAVINGS: statement pieces

I feel like sometimes one piece can make an entire outfit. As you guys know, I love timeless items in my wardrobe, which are usually not the most exciting. But if you add a big sparkly necklace or a cool patterned sweater, it can easily transform a look. So this week’s cravings (one day late – I know …) are all about those pieces. Take that amazing Hoss Intropia jacket for example, all you’d need with that are some black pumps, skinny jeans & a simple shirt underneath and you’re ready to go. Or the way those shorts are styled on the model: all black + one eye-catching piece. It is such a simple equation, but it works every time – trust me :) Which of these items is your favorite?

Cravings: Statement Pieces That Can Transform An Outfit

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LOVING: perfect pairs

You know when you’re desperately trying to find a matching scarf for your favorite hat or jacket? Or that cozy sweater where you’d love to find the perfect statement necklace to pair it with? Well, without even trying I’ve recently bought a few items that ended up being perfect pairs. A blush powdery pink and rich petrol are definitely amongst my favorite colors this fall, and so naturally I am super smitten with all of these items in my closet. They’re constantly on rotation, and while I am sick in bed today, I thought I’d share some pretty images of my favorite pieces of the moment with you guys.

Alexander McQueen scarf

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