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bits & pieces.

Although I spent most of this past week in bed, I did manage to capture a few moments via Instagram. Those who follow me on Twitter may have already seen some or most of these pictures but I wanted to share them anyway.

Today I am finally feeling a little better. My sister is visiting with 2 friends and we have some shopping, sushi & mulled wine at a christmas market planned for today. Finally some fresh air!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ♥

1. orange – carrot – ginger juice

2. went back to Motto am Fluss for breakfast last Sunday

3. loved my mailman for this

4. goodies that were kindly sent over by Dior

5. braided hair

6. a present from my mommy with xmas decorations

7. gorgeous oreo cookie

8. tea-love … fresh mint & thyme with honey and oranges

  1. Aylin says:

    tolle Snapshots :-) Das Frühstück sieht lecker aus!

    Gute Besserung,


  2. silvia - thefrontrow says:

    I really love Instragram! thanks to you I use it a lot! Nuce bits of your week :)
    have a nice weekend sweetie


  3. Amanda says:

    you’re breakfasts are so different from american breakfasts. i think it’s really cool though! i’m studying abroad in Europe in January and can’t wait to try all the new flavors! haha i’m such a foody

  4. Natascha. says:

    also im motto am fluss gibts mit abstand das beste frühstück ;)

    tolle bilder :)


  5. Anna says:

    The tea looks amazing. I will have to try that combination!

  6. Louisa says:

    The breakfast looks delicious!

  7. “I still don’t understand how it is done. Something about the cubes maybe?”