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bits & pieces of my weekend.

I know it is only Sunday morning but it feels like my weekend started Thursday night this week, when my sister got into town. We went out to a really nice dinner with Mike and then for drinks after. Friday was spent eating a late breakfast, shopping, frozen yogurt for lunch, more shopping, sushi for dinner and drinks later on at Palais Kinsky. And Saturday wasn’t much different :) Coffee at Starbucks in the morning, walking around town, lunch at Vapiano, preparing some Etsy orders while enjoying some coffee with my daily muffin and then a lazy night in front of the TV. Totally amazing in my books!! It’s nice to take a few days off sometimes but today definitely calls for a long run, lots of push-ups and some healthy meals.

How has your weekend been so far?


  1. Mur-Mur says:

    lovely pics :)
    I like your style!

  2. Annette says:

    your sister has like the same hair colour I have :-) looks like you two had lots of fun! nice pictures as always! xo

  3. Piekfein. says:

    aww these pictures are lovely!! :)


  4. Miss Vodka says:

    Yum! Those berries look so good!!

  5. Tina Carrot says:

    toll,toll toll :))


  6. Diana Savickaja says:

    you always eat the yummiest food! i'd love to raid your fridge! haha x


  7. http://www.victorypug.com says:

    Während ich bei "angenehmen" 11°c friere, weine ich wenn ich das offensichtlich gute Wetter in Wien sehe!

  8. Nicole says:

    Great photos!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  9. CoCo says:

    looks good and I adore the places you were at (kurts frozen y.) !!

  10. Neris / Fashion Fractions says:

    All the food and drinks look delicious! Glad you had fun with your sister in town :)


    Fashion Fractions

  11. bia says:

    schaut nach einem tollen wochenende aus :)

    wollte fragen woher du den grauen pulli auf dem starbucks foto hast ?!
    liebe grüße

  12. marcella says:

    having awesome time with your sis, it couldn't get better than that :)
    cool pics

  13. Laura says:

    Aw looks like a very fun sister weekend! And sometimes it is just awesome to take a few days off.

  14. Aysha Frost says:

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend. Love the bracelet <3

  15. Carlota says:

    Aw looks like you girls had a lot of fun together, and ate so jummie things! :D
    Great pictures!


  16. BoWs and RaInBoWs says:

    Hi Vicky! I am new here, and I found your blog by simply browsing around. LOVE your looks! You're super cute, and you've got your own amazing style.
    Lovely sister weekending :)

    Definitely going to be a follower.
    hugs & smooches

  17. BunBun says:

    Well I've spent the weekend studying for a licensure exam Monday (lame), but I must say, those coffee pictures are so convincing I feel rejuvenated to return to my studies!! (and drink more coffee, of course)

    Thanks for sharing dearie! Lovely as always!

  18. Annelie says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous weekend :-) Husband bought me my first ever car :-)

  19. Lisa Crumpets says:

    Your sister is just as beautiful as you are! xoxoxo

  20. fille de l`air says:

    Das Armband ist super schön :)

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