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bits & pieces #8

It has been quite a while since my last bits & pieces post, so here’s a quick instagram (follow me @vickyheiler) summary of my last few weeks! Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new week ♥

{our bedside tables finally arrived, making the room a lot more complete – see the post HERE}

{an exciting invitation came in the mail – can’t wait for the event next weekend}

{lunch at home, recipe will follow in a seperate post this week}

{pretty things on my desk at my parents’ house}

{one of my favorite quick go-to meals, find the recipe HERE}

{my dad helped us fix & put up the lamp over the dining table, one of my favorite home-purchases ever}

{delicious risotto a la Fabios, thanks to the lovely Anna for the recipe}

{currently on the coffee table – ADORE the “domino” book}

{reading THIS wonderful book right now, so amazing!!}

{loving this combination right now, wore something very similar in THIS post}

{breakfast in bed}