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bits & pieces #7

I know I haven’t been updating the blog every single day like I used to, but it is simply too hard with working full time. However, you guys can follow me on Instagram (vickyheiler) or stay updated via my Facebook page, where I usually post things a few times a day. Here is a round-up of the past few days via Instagram …

{after some shipping problems & lots of broken glass our outdoor seating area is finally done}

{comfy outfit for a lovely evening on the deck with my favorite mister}

{sunny Sunday at the lake // fresh flowers in the kitchen // watermelon or tart deco // hummus for dinner}

{bathroom oranization, seen in this post}

{girls night last Thursday, with Kathi & Sonja, photo by Judith}

  1. Andrea says:

    Schöne Bilder! Ich weiß was du meinst. Täglich zu posten kann schon zu einer ziemlichen Herausforderung werden wenn man vollzeit arbeiten geht, überhaupt wenn man nebenbei auch noch etwas Zeit mit Freunden verbringen will.
    Lg, Andrea

  2. Jojo says:

    Hey Vicky,

    Where did you get the striped jumper from?? It wasn’t in your post of the comfy outfit and I really like it!

    Thank you for your help!

  3. Nicole says:

    Ich kann dich auch nur zu gut verstehen. Wenn man den ganzen Tag gearbeitet hat und dann spät nach Hause kommt, schnell noch etwas zu essen macht oder sein Sportprogramm durchzieht, bleibt manchmal einfach nicht genug Zeit um zu bloggen!

    Lieben Gruss,

  4. Jenny says:

    I love your bathroom organization. I have more makeup than I can find right now, and I really needed a better place for it all. Thank you for the inspiration!


  5. claude says:

    Working in my holiday job right now, sometimes really long hours, I really do understand how one does not always find the time to update regularly ones blog. But don’t worry about it, it’s the quality that matters and your posts are still perfect every time!
    thanks for all the inspiration Vicky, you rock!

    xx claude

  6. Sapir says:

    These are great pictures! I’ve recently gotten obsessed with instagram and I can’t wait to start following you!

    Sapir @ smellthewildflowers.blogspot.com