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bikini thursday: tavik swimwear

Recently I have been getting lots of news feeds on facebook about some of my friends becoming fans of „tavik“. Since these friends usually have great taste in fashion and style I decided to check it out. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I googled it. Well, turns out I have a major problem now. I want just about every single piece on their website. Not only are the patterns super unique and fun, but the swimsuits are more of a piece of art in themselves. Don’t believe me? Check out their collection online to find out for yourself.
I love the idea of a one piece, especially the one below, but feel like I wouldn’t get much use out of it. For some reason I would be afraid to wear a piece like this to the beach or pool because of the tan-line issue. If, however, you are planning to attend a trendy pool party, late afternoon on a hot summer day, this would definitely steal the show!
After lots of debate I actually managed to pick a favorite and my vote went for the two-piece with the „scratched“ pattern. This bikini seems like I would have problems keeping it in my closet and wanting to wear it every second possible. I love the pattern because of the colors and the cut isn’t too out of this world to wear on a regular basis.
It gets even better! Tavik doesn’t only provide you with lovely swimsuits, they also have the perfect cover-ups to get you from your hotel, favorite margarita bar or simply your car to the beach. You won’t only avoid the „no shirts, no shoes, no service“ policy, but you will also be looking your best before unveiling your favorite bathing-suit.
What do you think about tavik’s swimsuit collection? To crazy or just right for this summer?
Leave comments and fill me in on your personal favorites.
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