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bikini thursday: new h&m.

Due to some major slacking in terms of BikiniThursday most of you probably already forgot it existed. Well, as did I, almost! Right now its 2am on Thursday in Vienna and I decided to share a little bikini-love with you :)
I should be ashamed of this picture, not wearing a drop of make-up and just a quick snapshot with my phone but non-the-less I wanted to share my newest bikini from H&M with you. Last week I ventured out to have a look at the new H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection and found this super cool bathingsuit. (It’s actually not from the FAA collection) The print is pretty loud but I absolutely love it!! Also, I wish you guys could feel the fabric, so soft and fits totally comfortable. What do you think, is it a keeper or too much of a wild-card?

I really need a tan, proves to be a little difficult with the weather being non-stop rain and about 7°C in Vienna :(
P.S. I know some of you who follow me on Twitter might have already seen this, however, I wanted to it share with ALL my readers! Please excuse the repeat :)
XOX Vicky
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  1. Valerie says:

    You look beautiful without any makeup and you look great in your new bikini!

    Btw, I'm completely obsessed with Trader Joe's too!


  2. Diya says:

    SO jealous of your figure! you're gorgeous.


  3. Mariel says:

    It's a keeper! I love the tropical colors, and the bottoms look reversible? You look lovely for being makeup-less

  4. Kinsey Michaels says:

    I love this suit! The colors are definitely wild but have an exotic flare. I think you pull it off very well Vicky!

  5. Olya says:

    It's absolutely beautiful!!! I hate the HandM store near me, cause they never have anything cool. And for cool sort of stuff I need to go to NYC, which is only an hour away, however, I'm still too lazy to get up and go there everytime I feel like shopping. Also, i feel like Europe gets better stuff and sooner than USA:(

  6. Anna Katrina says:

    love the bathing suit & its not too loud its perfect :)


  7. Closet Fashionista says:

    So cute!!! I would look like garbage in it though, I can't pull off strapless XD

  8. Fuji Files says:

    This is SO cute! Looks great on you too.

    xx FujiFiles

  9. Mademoiselle Frou-Frou says:

    you look adorable in your bikini! just a reminder i need to get into shape for mine!
    xox alison

  10. Nicole Marie says:

    need to go to h&m tomorrow!

  11. Polly says:

    Ohhh…very hot for vacation!

  12. Sarah Tucker says:

    looks great! love the stones in the middle

  13. Mary says:

    Ohmygosh! So cute! TOTAL keeper!

    And you… I would go with the no makeup look, so fresh and fab!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  14. CHRISTINA says:

    Great body shape!!!

  15. Alexa says:

    wahnsinns Figur und toller Bikini!

  16. Pasarela says:

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  17. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Totally a keeper!


  18. agnes says:

    un maillot de bain très bien porté. Il est très joli, et toi aussi

  19. Miyan says:

    great suit! loving the colors….


  20. Lauraloves. says:

    amazing print! looks really nice on you :) and you have tan lines, so I'd call that a tan haha :)


  21. RITA says:

    Those are the best days when you can wear no make up and still look fabulous;)


  22. Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ says:

    u look great – and u have guts! – GO U!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  23. Cafe Fashionista says:

    DEFINITE keeper! You look absolutely stunning in that swimsuit – H&M rocks!! :)

  24. APieceOfCrap says:

    i really need a new bekini..!!

    Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

    best regards from Sweden

  25. Carla says:

    You have such an amazing body and wearing no make up doesn't make any difference, you just proved how beautiful you are.

    And I am a lot paler than you and I live in a tropical island of Spain and we're at 37ºC at the moment, so imagine me lol.


    Redhead in Law

  26. Chelsea Talks Smack says:

    I LOOOOVE that bikini and you've got a rockin bod!

  27. Ashley says:

    Too Cute! I love the lining too…the only prob I have w/strapless tops is how restrictive they are for diving into the water! lol


  28. Angela says:

    Great bikini. It fits you perfectly.

  29. TatoOm says:

    OMG, your beyond stunning and soo beautiful not to talk about your rockin body and good eye for bikinis!! Is it smt your not telling us, like you're into craft or kind of, c'mon, there must be smt… Just kiddin' I looOOOVE your site and im gonna keep on watchin'you. Pls visit mine whenever you feel like it and if you wanna follow me….so much better;)

  30. Fashion, Art and other fancies says:

    Nice swimmwear – I think the colours would look better on you with a spot if self-tan. Don't worry about not wearing make-up. You look just fine to me;-)

  31. Fashion By He says:

    hot bathing suit,…amazing body!! looking great..Hed pick you up on the beach

    -He approves


  32. Lynzy says:

    You look great! The colors in that bathing suit are stunning


  33. .sabo skirt. says:

    We love your bikinis!! And not that you need reminding, but you're GORGEOUS!!

    xx .sabo skirt.


  34. I think she's a bitch says:

    Very summery! Love your blog! Follow you from now on!

  35. stilettostetico says:

    AAaaw AND I Really like the way you introduce us your new freshy / colorful finery, it sounds very "inner Beach Godess-ity naturally expressing Oneself next to your BOMBnextDoor-esque Body" !!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine


    Keeper for sure! You look great, and that bikini is so amazing I am going to H&M first chance to see if we stock it here! love love love.
    xo, kristin

  37. Sara says:

    I just discovered this blog from kristin's site and love it! I hope you kept this beauty:)
    check out my blog too!

  38. Anonymous says: