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Barcelona – a few more favorites.

You guys are probably getting sick of all the Barcelona-themed posts here on the blog this past week. But I simply had such a wonderful time and maybe some of you are planning a little getaway soon, so these posts might come in handy.

On our 3rd day we spent a sunny morning in Parc de la Ciutadella, which was the gorgeous park right across the street from our hotel. It is also where the Parlament de Catalunya (parliament) and the Parc Zoologic de Barcelona (zoo) is located. It was definitely one of my favorite spots of the city – we basically walked in there by accident and I couldn’t believe the gorgeous greenery located right in such a busy and big city!

Another favorite of mine was Bibao Berria for dinner on our first night. Don’t be put off by the line waiting outside, it moves fairly quickly and after all, lots of people waiting can only mean one thing: yummy food :) They server little “sandwiches” which you can grab right off the bar. In the end you pay for however many small wooden sticks you collected. One of the “pinchos” is 1,65€ and a glass of delicious rosé wine is 1,80€. Pretty amazing if you ask me!!!

On our second day we had a late lunch at a similar place, called Sagradi. The system is the same, just a bit pricier, (we actually thought the food at Bilbao Berria was a bit yummier) but you can sit outside, which was kind of nice in the afternoon.

For our last dinner in Barcelona we met up with Gabby, who showed us the boardwalk along the beach and took us to an amazing restaurant / lounge, called CDLC. It was a bit moroccan inspired and had a lovely lounge area, where we had sangria on comfortable sofa-beds and ate amazing salads. The lounge area is literally right on the beach and even open-air, which was perfect on a warm summer night! They make a killer sangria (and also a champagne version of it), but be careful because that stuff tastes way too good and is surprisingly strong! Hello tipsy :)

{happy to be reunited with this pretty lady}

  1. Andrea says:

    Tolle Fotos! Der Park sieht traumhaft aus, und dein Outfit ist total hübsch! :)
    Lg, Andrea

  2. Nadia says:

    Hi Vicki! I have found your website randomly browsing online and reading blogs. And..I LOVE it and so excited I’ve found it. You’re so gorgeous and your style is absolutely amazing! Keep it up! Will definitely enjoy following your posts! xox

  3. Those pictures are breathtaking!!! You’re making me wanna go to Barcelona even more! Maybe I’ll go this semester, as my best friend is doing Erasmus there!! =D

    I think keeping that green dress really was a good decision, it looks great on you!


  4. Constanze says:

    Hach, Barcelona ist einfach eine wundervolle Stadt! <3
    Da bekomme ich sofort Fernweh… ;)
    Happy Sunday & liebe Grüße