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backyard jungle.

These sunny days lately have been more than a blessing for my mood. I wake up every morning to wonderful blue skies and warm temperatures, feeling absolutely happy. Even though summer is still weeks away I am already getting impatient for flirty dresses and my favorite shorts. These pants are great because the fabric is light and the fit is airy. Combined with a simple shirt and silk scarf this outfit was perfect for the current temperatures. I spent all afternoon sipping on iced lattes and reading magazines on the balcony. Next week is supposed to be somewhat rainy so I am making sure I enjoy every bit of sunshine that comes my way.
{Zara pants, Ichi shirt, Topshop scarf, Janet D. flats, Nordstrom sunglasses, H&M bangles, vintage belt, a friend’s hand-made necklace}
  1. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    Gorgeous pics darling!!!! I love the pants, enjoy the sun while you can i hear some serious clouds are heading our way… :) I am just back, will be posting some pics today!!! Stay tuned! :D XXX


  2. JOWY says:

    Great outfit!

    One Love,

  3. the red bungalow says:

    Ok you are too cute! I LOVE this outfit. Great casual chic look!

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  4. Fashions Not A Luxury says:

    LOVE IT! the backyard Jungle & Outfit! your missing a cheetah gorgeous dog
    Happy Friday :)

  5. chicfille says:

    love your golden! I miss having a dog. No time in the city though :(

  6. Ashley says:

    Very cute and carefree outfit! the fit of those pants is great too!


  7. Anna Katrina says:

    such a cute outfit! oh & im stealing your dog!! :)

    Anna Katrina

  8. Jade "Purple" Brown says:

    i like the safari feel of your outfit!


  9. Julia says:

    LOVE your outfit! It's chic and casual at the same time…perfect! :)



  10. sophie says:

    These photos are stunning and I love the outfit! the moutains in the background are beautiful.

  11. Lindsay With An "A" says:

    Love this photoshoot! :) I'm a new follower! xx


  12. “Not Chaise?”