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at the stable.

Yesterday my mom, brother and I decided to watch my sisters showjumping practice. I am super proud of her and she does an amazing job but I really don’t like watching her. I get so nervous and scared for her!! Horses are such big animals and those jumps are not exactly what I would consider small. She’s fallen off at competitions before and I am so happy I didn’t have to see that since I would have probably had a heart-attack!! None the less I managed to keep my nerves somewhat under control yesterday and took the opportunity to snap some pictures of her in action :) And I even managed to get close to some horses. (Even though it was very entertaining for the rest of the fam!)

PS. You guys can check out a super funny picture of me, demonstrating how exactly I feel about horses HERE :) enjoy!!


  1. Helena @ BrooklynBlonde says:

    aw, such beautiful pics!

  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries says:

    These pics are gorgeous!!! Learning to ride a horse is definitely on my bucket list of things I want to do before I turn 30… :D


  3. Anonymous says:

    wow the pictures are great . you're sister is beautiful as you :) i'm scary too of horses . Can you ride ? or do you learn it ? XOXO

  4. Closet Fashionista says:

    Wow that is so cool! You got some great shots!!
    I would be so terrified to watch someone too, but she practices and looks like she's really good so I wouldn't worry too much :)

  5. Eda ♥ says:

    Aww such lovely photographs! I used to horse ride when I was little.

    Eda ♥

  6. Piekfein says:

    the pics of your sister in action are sooo cool :)


  7. http://www.victorypug.com says:

    Oh Gott das könnte ich bei Baby-Sis auch nicht aushalten ;) Ich bekomm schon Panik wenn sie Auto fährt,haha

  8. Stevie Leigh says:

    I love these photos! Looks like a great time!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    – S from Following the Walkers

  9. Mary says:

    aww, really nice photos! x

  10. Luca says:
  11. Neris says:

    Really cute photos! Thanks for sharing!


    Fashion Fractions

  12. House of Popuiel says:

    The horse your sister rides is a beauty!

  13. Sherry says:

    You are just too adorable!! Just found your blog and I'm absolutely loving it! You are going to LOVE being in LA, esp Santa Monica area!! Make sure to check out The Alcove in Hollywood for lunch sometime! :)


  14. Debora says:

    wow!! Your are fantastic!
    I love horses!

  15. Esther says:

    Richtig schöne Bilder, das Pferd ist wirklich super süß ! Lässt mich das Reiten noch mehr vermissen, aber zwischen Uni und arbeiten fehlt mir leider meist die Zeit… Vielleicht werde ich die Pfingstferien nutzen, um auch mal wieder in den Stall zu fahren :-) LG

    Je suis une étoile ✰

  16. sanjella says:

    Your sisters horse is really beautiful :)

  17. bunt♥leben says:

    Wow, die Bilder von ihr auf dem Pferd sind super!
    Da bekomme ich sofort wieder sehnsucht nach meinem :(

  18. Laura says:

    Wow great action shots! And that is a stunning horse. I adore horses and wish I had one so I could ride more often. But I totally understand why they can be scary, too.

  19. Mariel Torres says:

    i love the action shots, they are amazing! and this is why i'm so obsessed with horses ;)


  20. In Love with San Diego says:

    Wow, I just discovered your blog and it's amazing! I absolutely love it.

    I'm following you, won't you follow me too?