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all ears.

Ever since I had the top of my ear pierced when I was 16, I have been wearing the same diamond stud in it. It is simple, subtle and timeless. But lately I’ve been wanting to try a different option as well. I don’t want anything too crazy, but I just feel like it would be fun to change it up every once in a while. I found a great little piercing here that seems like it would still be “me” just a little cooler with the second crystal in the back of the ear. What do you guys think?

{this is the tiny diamond I am currently wearing}

{this is the one I am thinking about getting}

{I also like the rings, like Sienna & Ashlee are wearing}

**Images via: 12 & 3
  1. Hilde Sophie says:

    I was wondering where you bought your Marc Jacobs eyewear and if they have a particular name?

    Great blog! I just discovered it and have been going through it all morning…

    • vicky says:

      Hi Hilde Sophie :)

      I got those Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses at Bloomingdales in SoHo NYC. But I’ve seen them around in other stores! It is by far my favorite pair EVER!!

      Unfortunately I’m not sure what the exact name is :( sorry!

      xox Vicky