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a family affaire.

Today, my Omi (grandma) organized the most wonderful brunch for Easter-Monday. My uncle and his family were able to join us for some more family-time and it was absolutely wonderful. I rarely get to see my cousins and most of my family since they live in Germany and I am in Vienna most of the time. To me, time with the family is so important and brings such utter joy to my heart. I love eating for hours, exchanging stories, talking about old times and seeing my younger cousins grow up. What a truly amazing way to spend the day!

Photo-Credit: my uncle (shot with his Canon EOS 7D)
P.S. Tomorrow I am spending the day in Stuttgart with Mike and on Wednesday we are going to the Porsche Museum. Even though I have been there before, I am very excited and will be sure to take lots of pictures.
  1. Ashley says:

    What do you guys eat for Easter in Germany? I'm curious to see the difference from the Southern TN/Cali menu I created.


  2. letterstobetsy says:

    i was wondering that as well what would be on the menu! we had pinnapple bake, ham, potatoes and chocolate pie.
    how does that differ in europe : )
    happy easter

  3. incessantdieter says:

    You have a lovely family.

  4. Treselle says:

    family is the best =)

  5. Anna Katrina says:

    hope you had a good easter hun! you look adorabel and so does your family. when will you be in NYC again?

    Blog Love
    Anna Katrina


  6. Sera says:

    Du hast eine schöne Familie! Frohe Ostern!

  7. vicky h. says:

    thank you all!

    we had a typical easter ham, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes for our meal. on monday for brunch we had fruit salad, yogurt, filled eggs, salmon,… just regular brunch stuff! i've been eating waaaay too much, back to my running shoes tomorrow :)