How to make black & blue work together

Not only once, have Mike and I had a “discussion” about whether black and blue work together or not. If you ask me, it is a question that simply doesn’t come with a clear yes/no answer.

Turning 29

Yesterday I turned 29. Old? Not sure! Happy? Definitely! To celebrate my birthday this year, Mike and I decided to hop on a plane and spend 3 days in Istanbul.

My 10-Minute Salon Blowout at Home

Aside from my daily make-up routine, the way I style my hair has been the most requested tutorial for months, if not years.


leo lover

I don’t know what it is about the leo pattern, but I have always found myself drawn to it. Some of the leo experiments in the past may not have gone as planned (at least looking back on it now), but my most recent addition to the leopard-print collection is definitely a keeper.