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after the fog.

One last wintery outfit for you guys before the year is over. I am beyond excited to be spending New Years Eve in the sun, but Zell am See is so incredibly beautiful in the winter and I definitely could have spent a few more days in winter wonderland with my family, playing cards and eating too much. But even I can’t have everything at the same time and so for now I am looking forward to wearing sandals and laying out by the pool for the next week :)

ZARA: scarf & faux fur vest

AMISU: glitter top (c/o New Yorker)

CHEAP MONDAY: skinny jeans


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Hi guys, reporting live from the airport :) I wanted to post this today in the morning but the internet wouldn’t let me upload photos. We already made it through a 10 hour flight and have another 5.5 hour flight ahead of us + a 2 hour car ride … but then it’s all palm trees and sunshine ♥

Here is what the view from our living room was like before leaving:

some of the items that made it into my suitcase:

and here is the weather that we’re expecting – wehooo:

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berlin wall + checkpoint charlie.

Even though Berlin is ever evolving and new, modern buildings are popping up everywhere, there is also an enormous amount of history in the city. I’m usually not one to find too much interest in history, but for Berlin it was different. I really wanted to visit the wall and see checkpoint charlie. It felt weird being by the original parts of the wall and thinking about how that exact wall changed the lives of so many people. Mostly in a bad way! It sort of put things in perspective a little and reminded me how wonderful my life is and how thankful I am for the freedom we have now-a-days.

Before heading back to Austria we were able to stop at a christmas market for some “Curry Wurst” –  a must when in Berlin. The one we had probably wasn’t the most authentic version (I thought it is supposed to be cut up?!) but at least I have a good reason to come back soon for an authentic “Curry Wurst” :)

{more food at the christmas market}

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bits & pieces #3

Just a quick instagram update of what I’ve been up to this past week. Today Soph and I went for a mountain hike and spent all day up there, soaking up some sun and it was simply amazing. I am so lucky to be able to call this place my home!!

{where we spent the afternoon}

bits & pieces 3 instagram collage1. what I wore to a holiday party last night // 2. delicious sushi in Berlin // 3. yellow at the Coldplay concert // 4. christmas in Zell am See // 5. arriving in Berlin last Tuesday morning // 6. making pizza for the fam // 7. lots of fruit for breakfast in Berlin // 8. bubbly before the Coldplay concert // 9. pretty polish // 10. christmas tree at the hotel in Berlin // 11. pre-concert drinks by the fireplace // 12. snacks at the concerts YUMMM


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