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twenty ten.

It’s been such an amazing year, I don’t even know where to start or what to say. I started my blog and am so proud of what it has become in the past 1 0 months. (Funny looking back at my first post ever.) All of your support means the world and I value your opinions so much. I got to travel a lot and find new places to love. I ate a ton and shopped even more, met some amazing other bloggers and tried to share a little of my style with you via outfit posts. I hope you have enjoyed this past year as much as I have and lets make 2011 even better :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your comments, feedback and love!

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new desk.

When I mentioned in my last post, that I went to Ikea, some of you asked what I got. Well for christmas I had gotten a desk and a lamp to go on it but unfortunately the lamp had some kind of issue and wouldn’t stay up. We went to exchange that and now my work area at my parents house is finally complete. It feels so much more professional sitting at this desk than doing all my blogging from my bed. Also this will come in handy for studying. I totally love the result and can’t wait to put up even more pictures on the wall above it.
 The wings read: “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from flying. – Coco Chanel” … My mom gave it to me years ago and I’ve always had it up in my room.
**both IKEA

I am now off to Switzerland for NYE and can’t wait to spend a few days with friends up in the mountains. I know that I have the mountains right outside my window but still, it feels more like vacation when you’re someplace new thats not “home”. :)
XOX Vicky
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vintage blouse.

A while back my grandma was throwing out some old clothes and asked me if I wanted to have a look at the things that didn’t fit her anymore. You wouldn’t believe what gems she had hidden in there. This blouse was one that she passed on to me and I absolutely love it. The ruffles, the sheer material and the velvet flowers on it. I wore this to do some shopping at Ikea and Zara today in Salzburg. Also, I am soo totally in love with my new hairdryer … All I did was blow it out with a roundbrush after washing it today in the morning and this is how it turned out! Perfectly straight and soft :)
Zara pants & boots
my moms braided leather belt
H&M white longsleeve
vintage blouse from my grandma
d.i.y. pearl necklace worn as bracelet
XOX Vicky
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biker boots.

Last night we were invited to our friends annual christmas/birthday party. I knew that there was a possibility of us going out to some bars afterwards so I didn’t want to risk wearing high heels in the snow and went with my biker boots instead. For some reason I think black works so well for holiday parties … simple yet always appropriate.
Today, my mom and I finally put up my new desk in my room. It’s super cute, can’t wait to show you some pictures as soon as its all organized.
 H&M dress and scarf
Zara biker boots
Asos bag
ring from a boutique in Laguna Beach
 I wore my hair in a fishbone braid for the first time and actually loved how it turned out, what do you think?
Also, I took some Photobooth pictures after getting home which I meant to post … until I got sidetracked by the Zara online sale at 3am :) Here they are anyways:
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to IKEA to shop some little things for my new desk and room and before that I’m having lunch in Salzburg with my parents and maybe meeting up with Sonja.
XOX Vicky
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