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FOR THE HOME: tales for oskar

I have a major weakness for pretty coffee table books. And while I do want them to look good around the apartment, I also want them to actually inspire me. Whether it is home decor, beautiful stories or photographs – books should be an escape from reality. My most recent purchase is “Tales For Oskar” by the super talented Kristian Schuller. He is my personal favorite photographer (some of you may know him from Germany’s Next Top Model) and I feel like his fashion photography captures the essence of a modern day fairy tale. A few years ago I saw some of his work at the Kunsthalle here in Vienna, and from the entire exhibition his photographs definitely stuck with me the most and made a lasting impression. So much, that I went back to see the same exhibition for a second time.

Book Review: Tales for Oskar by Kristian Schuller

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OUTFIT: it’s so fluffy

Even though I would consider myself 100% of a Summer girl, there are a few things I appreciate and actually like about Fall and Winter: pumpkin spice lattes, spending the holidays at home with my family, big scarves and fluffy jackets. When it comes to the latter, I literally cannot get enough. Two years ago I got a black version, which I basically lived in all Winter. This August (!!) I spotted a light beige beauty at ZARA and decided to try it on with 30°C outside … If I’ve learned one thing over the past 25 years, it is that you do NOT start shopping for Fall and Winter stuff when it gets cold. That’s when everything is already sold out and the spring collection is about to hit stores. To make a long story short: The jacket has been hanging in my closet since August and yesterday I finally took it out for the first time when the outdoor thermometer read 5°C in the morning. Admittedly, my feet were a bit cold, but I am simply not ready to say good-bye to my Valentino’s just yet.

fluffy Zara jacket - Bikinis & Passports

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FOR THE HOME: office space

Being self-employed has been the most amazing experience so far. The last 4 months have literally gone by in a heart beat and not a single day goes by that I don’t love my “job”. During the Summer, Kathi and I didn’t have an office space for The Daily Dose yet and were mostly working from my dining table or sofa. Even though it sounds like a ton of fun at first, it quickly get’s kind of depressive being home all day – sometimes not even changing out of your pyjamas. I used to love getting up and dressed for my old job, grabbing coffee on the way and having more of a rhythm or daily routine. It was important to both Kathi and I to bring that routine back into our lives. On September 1st we got the keys to our little #tddoffice and it has been so exciting and fulfilling, leaving the house to go to our very own space every morning. We’ve already shared some impressions over on The Daily Dose, but just in case you missed it – here is a peek at the place that I now like to consider my second living room:

The Daily Dose Office

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WIN: triumph bra fitting + shopping

A rainy and gray Sunday makes for the perfect opportunity to spoil someone with a bit of girly lace, right? That’s why today I’ve teamed up with Triumph – the makers of lingerie - for a little giveaway for you guys. In the past 6 months I have gotten to know the brand and have literally fallen in love with pretty lingerie all over again. My drawers are exploding with the most beautiful bras and now it is your time to stock up on the perfect fit. Triumph has made it their mission to really focus on form and function to provide ladies with the best individual fit with their #StandUpForFit campaign, while still creating beautiful lingerie. One of their current best sellers is the Magic Wire with silicone wires for the most comfortable yet stylish fit. For you guys to know what I am talking about, I am giving away one (1) professional bra fitting at one of their boutiques plus one (1) 50€ gift certificate to shop your favorite bra.

Triumph Giveaway - Bikinis & Passports

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