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OUTFIT: La Fête Imperiale.

Fête Imperiale Vienna 2017: Aigner Lucy Bag | Bikinis & Passports

Vienna is famous for it’s many traditional balls. While the peak of the ball season is usually January and February with the world-known Opera Ball, June also has something amazing to offer when it comes to Vienna’s ball culture: The Fête Imperiale. A stunning summer ball that let’s you experience the cities tradition in a entirely different way.

While I have been lucky enough to attend the Opera Ball in the past and also visited the Jägerball (Hunter’s Ball) earlier this year, the Fête Imperiale was still missing on my list….

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OUTFIT: dressed down.

How to dress down a dress | Bikinis & Passports

Packing for a 2-week long trip is never an easy task, especially if different climates and occasions await. As you guys know, we attended a wedding in California (which was the main reason for the trip), and the festivities also involved a rehearsal dinner. Meaning: My suitcase was filled with more dressy outfits than it usually would be for a summery vacation.

Not wanting to waste any valuable luggage space for unnecessary items, I planned some looks before the trip, including a way to dress down the dress I wore to the wedding….

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TRAVEL: Things To Do In Palm Springs.

Things To Do In Palm Springs: Modernism, Cool Doors & Houses | Bikinis & Passports

Originally, we picked Palm Springs as a destination during our California trip because it more or less guarantees good weather and since there is not much to do in the desert (or so we thought), it is a perfect excuse to spend the days being lazy by the pool and sipping on cocktails. Funny enough though, we ended up finding so many thing to do in Palm Springs, that we left the hotel every day to do some exploring….

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OUTFIT: back from Ibiza.

OUTFIT: Zimmermann Polka Dot Satin Wide-Leg Pants | Bikinis & Passports

It has been awfully quiet here on the blog this past week – but with good reason. Those that follow along on Instagram have probably seen that I spent the past 5 days in Ibiza with a big group of girls (+1 boy) to celebrate Kathi’s bachelorette. It was the trip of a lifetime and even though I had my laptop with me, I literally opened it once for 30 minutes on Monday….

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