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best black Friday sales + discount codes

Larsson & Jennings Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2015

Good morning and welcome to Black Friday! The one day of the year that we are officially allowed to go nuts in terms of shopping – because if you think about it, we’re actually saving money with all the amazing Black Friday sales and discounts going on. To make things a bit easier, I’ve round up the best Black Friday sales + coupon codes for you guys, as well as my personal wishlist from each store. Ready, set, shooooop …

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Essentials For Winter: my tips to keep warm

Essentials For Winter: Tipps on How to Stay Warm | Bikinis & Passports

While I am trying my best to adjust my wardrobe to the outdoor setting, I does take some getting used to all the layers and not leaving home without a scarf and gloves again. That’s why I did the work for you, and put together my essentials for Winter today. Aka “my tipps to keep warm” …

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BEAUTY TALK: my new favorite eyeshadow palette

BEAUTY TALK: urban decay x gwen stefani eyeshadow palette| Bikinis & Passports

One of the things I appreciate most about getting older, is that over the years I have gotten to know myself better. I know what works for me, I understand they way I have to treat my eczema skin to keep it under control and I have learned which colors enhance certain features and which to stay away from…

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OUTFIT: autumn / winter must-haves

OUTFIT: autumn / winter must-haves | Bikinis & Passports

Today we woke up to 0°C on the thermometer and some parts of Austria and Germany even got to see a few first snowflakes. Reason enough to dig out of my favorite key pieces of the season and throw them all together in a cozy look for the office…

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