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OUTFIT: le jardin majorelle.

Outfit Marrakech What to Wear | Bikinis & Passports

The Jardin Majorelle is one of the most visited sights in Marrakech, but during my first two visits to Morocco I never made it to the famous garden in the heart of the “Ochre City” (= red city, nickname for Marrakech), but this time around it was our first stop.

Jacques Majorelle spent 40 years of his life creating an enchanting place of greens in the middle of the city. …

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TRAVEL: El-Fenn, Marrakech.

El-Fenn Marrakech, Rooftop, Sunset Drinks & Dinner | Bikinis & Passports

Bonjour Marrakech! Yesterday, my mom, sister and I arrived in Marrakech for a girls trip. Even though it is my 3rd time in the Moroccan city, it is my first time really exploring and vacationing. The first two stays were fairly short and for work, so this time around we are on a mission to see and do as much as possible. Said and done, we arrived in Marrakech at around 1pm and only stopped at the hotel for a quick outfit change before heading out to Le Jardin Majorelle and then walked to the souks from there for drinks and dinner in the Medina (= old town)….

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OUTFIT: basics + a hat.

AG Jeans mom jeans + Gucci Slippers | Bikinis & Passports

There are days, when all I am craving are a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater. Usually, those cravings happen on days spent at the office and working through a pile of emails and doing taxes. Also known as the fun stuff…

But luckily, there are certain items that can totally transform a look. A hat, like my Janessa Leone hat, for example, is the best way to dress up an otherwise super casual and boring look….

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BEAUTY TALK: dear hyaluronic acid…

EDITED Trenchcoat | Bikinis & Passports

… I love you.
But let’s start from the beginning.

My skin and I, we don’t always get along. As an adult, I have learned to deal with the eczema much better than when I was younger, but I still have those difficult phases every now and then. Unfortunately, this Winter things spiralled out of hand a bit. Back in October, I caught the flu and was stuck in bed for 9 days with my immune system completely knocked-out….

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