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OUTFIT: dirndl pillersee

Towards the end of Summer, Oktoberfest is always a much discussed topic with our friends. Last year, I made it to the famous “Wiesn” in Munich for the first time, and it was quite the experience. Aside from those 2 weeks at the end of Septemer, however, a Dirndl is a traditional piece of clothing in southern Germany and Austria year-round. While lace, rhinestones and bright colors are common at the Oktoberfest, the real Dirndl is usually kept a bit simpler. After a more girly and shiny choice last year, this year I decided on a timeless Dirndl Pillersee in hues of gray and blue from a special collection by Tommy Hilfiger, created in collaboration with Lodenfrey – a famous department store in Munich, known for its selection of “Tracht” (ie. Dirndl & Lederhosen). The buttons down the chest are iconic for the “Pillersee” style and with the more subtle colors, I’ll also be able to wear it to festive occasions here in Austria, such as the christening of our friends daughter in October. How do you guys like my new Dirndl?

Tommy Hilfiger Lodenfrey Dirndl Pillersee | Bikinis & Passports

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#myringstyle with Pandora + giveaway

It feels ages ago, that I hopped on a plane to Hamburg for a very special project. You guys know how much I love my dainty jewelry and staking thin rings or layering necklaces – which is why I was more than excited to shoot the new #MyRingStyle campaign for Pandora together with 4 lovely ladies (Nina, Leonie, Lena & Sylvia). The outcome is nothing short of amazing and I am so happy to finally get to share the post with you guys today – as well as a fun giveaway, where one lucky reader will get to win my exact set of rings as worn on the pictures.

PANDORA: #myringstyle | Bikinis & Passports

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RECIPE: healthy homemade granola

The weekend went by way too quick and just like that, it’s Monday again. Back to the office, back to to-list and back to getting up early. However, it also means that I am back to my favorite breakfast routine for during the week, which definitely makes Mondays acceptable. A big cup of coffee and a bowl filled with yogurt, fresh berries and a bit of crunch while browsing Pinterest. Last week, I made healthy homemade granola, and of course I wanted to share it with you as well. Head on over to beautystories to see the entire post and recipe for a yummy breakfast that’ll give you plenty of energy to tackle a Monday, or Tuesday!

RECIPE: healthy homemade granola | Bikinis & Passports

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CRAVINGS: a touch of lace.

Lace is usually associated with elegant, feminine pieces and looks. However, I love the idea of mixing a luxurious piece, such as a lace body with casual cut-offs for an unexpected twist. Or, wearing comfortable sneakers, that are made of lace – instantly giving them a more special touch! Trade the shorts for a high-waisted pant and the lace sneakers for some pumps, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly fancy evening outfit that is not only elegant, but also a bit daring with the lace bodice worn as a top. Plus, black and white always works!

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