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VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth: Detox Diary Part II.

VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth Review: Detox Diary Part 1 | Bikinis & Passports


Saturday, July 15th

Same spiel as every day: the alarm rings at 7:15am and almost intuitively we make our magnesium citrate drink, pull some oil and get dressed – this time in workout clothes since I have a personal trainer lesson after breakfast.

I sit down for breakfast at 8:30am, Mike follows shortly after. Today I get 1.5 potatoes + some smoked salmon and a wedge of lemon. Honestly, I have gotten used to the potatoes and love my breakfast….

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OUTFIT: the oversized sweater.

OUTFIT: the oversized sweater | Bikinis & Passports

I don’t think I have ever packed as light for a week-long trip as I did for our stay at VIVAMAYR. Then again, it is a clinic not a hotel and the stay is more of a cure than a vacation (which I guess do go hand in hand). My packing list mostly consisted of yoga pants, comfortable oversized t-shirts, a cashmere sweater, slides, sneakers, pajamas and 1 pair of shorts and jeans….

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VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth: Detox Diary Part I.

VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth Review: Detox Diary Part 1 | Bikinis & Passports

The older I get, the more important my own personal health becomes to me – both the mental and physical health. I have always found great interest in topics revolving around “detoxing” (or let’s call it giving your body a break), working out, superfoods and a well-balanced diet.

When Mike told me about this clinic at Lake Worth he read about back in April, I was instantly hooked on the idea….

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How I quit coffee + why.

coffee in bed - #delonghicoffeemoment | Bikinis & Passports

It has been 10 days since I had my last cup of coffee. And I miss it every day. So why did I quit, you ask? Well, I can tell you this much: it is with good reason, but not forever.

Generally speaking, coffee isn’t bad for you. If it is consumed in small amounts (1 to max. 2 cups per day) and in the right setting. Meaning: Not to wake you up or to give you energy when you are stressed, but rather in a relaxed setting or as a time to take for yourself….

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