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OUTFIT: L.A. girl

OUTFIT: L.A. Girl Shirt, Sincerely Jules | Bikinis & Passports

As you guys have probably guessed from the title of today’s post, it is finally here: The day I fly to L.A.! I have to admit, this vacation (which we planned around one of my high school friends’ wedding) had me a little too excited the past few days and weeks. To the point where I started buying shirts that read “L.A. girl” and dying my hair blond(ish). Yup, I took it that far. …

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best served on ice.

Moet Chandon Ice Imperial - Best Served on Ice | Bikinis & Passports

Lately, I have been really happy. I don’t know how else to put it. It is hard to find the exact reason or words to describe the feeling, but after a very travel-intense month in April with barely any time at home or with Mike (aka my rock), May has been such a welcome change in pace.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday with the whole family and my brother even flew in from Australia, the weather is finally starting to look like Summer is coming our way, my sister is back in Vienna after 9 month in Berlin (meaning: we’re back to Sunday pasta nights) and I have had time to spend at home, enjoying Vienna. …

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Tel Aviv Travel Guide - Bikinis & Passports

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is that the more you explore, the more familiar the world starts to feel. Kathi recently put it into really good words during our trip to Israel with Farina & Riccardo (aka fabulous Ricci): “Before you travel to a certain place, it always feels like such an unknown, far away region. Once you spend some time there, it feels like you’ve unlocked another level on the world map.”

Up until recently, Israel felt really far away – even though a 3.5 hour flight from Vienna is much closer than a lot of other places I have been….

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PLAYLIST: sunshine for days.

Summer Playlist: Sunshine For Days. | Bikinis & Passports

Summer is finally starting to make an appearance and I could not be happier. I am such a sun child and my mood literally changes so much depending on the weather. After a long Winter, nothing gets me more excited than those first warm days up on our deck – or course with the right music playing in the background. A lot of you have been requesting a playlist of my current favorite tracks on Instagram….

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