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BEAUTY TALK: new york beauty buys.

NYC Beauty Buys: Sephora & Glossier Showroom | Bikinis & Passports

The great thing about New York? They have Sephora stores at every corner! The great thing about having a beauty obsessed best friend? You don’t have to do any research on what to get – she’s got you covered! Needless to say, Kathi and I stopped into Sephora during our short trip to NYC and brought back a little something. I didn’t go crazy but made sure to only buy things I can’t get in Vienna….

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OUTFIT: active wear.

Yoga outfit | Bikinis & Passports

One of the things I absolutely love about New York (and L.A. even more, actually) is how normal it is to walk around town in your active wear. When we were having lunch at byChloe in NYC two weeks ago, there were two girls sitting next to us who had obviously just finished a workout together and were grabbing a bite to eat afterwards. Just like at Whole Foods (= supermarket) where you see tons of fit girls shopping for groceries in their yoga tights and sneakers….

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TRAVEL DIARY: 72 hours in NYC.

72 Hours in New York City - what to do | Bikinis & Passports

Some might call me crazy for flying to NYC for barely 72 hours, but honestly, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. New York is one of the most inspiring cities in the world, and even just 24 hours would be worth it – especially if you’ve been before. This time around was my 4th trip to New York and since I have already seen and done most of the typical sightseeing highlights (Empire State, Broadway musical, Guggenheim and more…), we were able to focus more on exploring favorite neighborhoods, eating our way through the city and taking a loooong walk in Central Park….

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CRAVINGS: baby blue.

Spring Outfit Inspiration Baby Blue - Bikinis & Passports

When Mondays feel like Sundays thanks to the long Easter weekend, my Sunday Cravings also turn into Monday Cravings. Because quite frankly, yesterday I was busy spending time with loved ones while eating too much chocolate cake.

It doesn’t get much better than kicking-off the week with a public holiday, if you ask me. No emails, no errands to run, just PJs and the couch all day. And with “couch” I mean online-shopping, duh!…

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