City-Suitable Sweats

I don’t believe that there are many rules to dressing “right” and think everyone is entitled to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in.

The Chedi Lustica Bay

Visiting a newly opened hotel always has pros and contras. A few advantages and a whole bunch of possible risks. While it is exciting to be amongst the first to explore a new destination, rest your head on a fluffy fresh pillow and dip your feet in the pool before thousands that will follow, you can also end up serving as their personal human guinea pig.

Once a denim girl, always a denim girl

You know as they say: Once a denim girl, always a denim girl. Which is exactly why I don’t have a problem wearing denim during Fashion Week.


Montenegro Travel Diary

If Montenegro hasn’t been on your radar up until now, then you are like me. But it is high time for an addition on your travel bucket list.